Yahoo Games Announce Exclusive GTA IV Content

Leading up to the trailer premiere, Yahoo! will celebrate Grand Theft Auto IV with special content including an interview with the creators behind one of the most popular video games of all time and exclusive screenshots from the forthcoming game...

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THWIP4188d ago

I wonder if it cost them $50 million. ;)

HeartlesskizZ4188d ago

I still don't know which version to get, 360 or PS3? I would love suggestion!

AppleSlime4188d ago

getting it for the 360, though...I love my PS3, but exclusive content is exclusive content, y'know?

DeadlyFire4188d ago

If you want to pay for a couple of exclusive episodes on GTA 4 go ahead and get the X360 version if not just get the PS3 version. I myself honestly don't want the episodes. I know they are not free and can't wait to see how much they will be overpriced. In my opinion I feel that the content for 1-10 hours isn't worth much more than $5. That is the max I am willing to pay for episodic content.

Either way you will still get the same base storyline and get online play if I am not mistaken with GTA 4, but wasn't there a hint that online play would be in this game?

americanGTA4188d ago

But thats just me cuz, i always played GTA on playstaion. Then i played it on the xbox and it was terrible. the controlls for xbox suck. but thats just me.

Xi4188d ago

only because of the exclusive content and the ability to play music in the background. And probably the custom music.

Numark4188d ago

Well they are both going to be equivalent to one another and basically equal. However, the 360 will have the option to get more content. Whether or not it is overpriced, you will still have an option to get it and it is not mandatory.

So if you want the better version, it would be for the xbox 360. Sorry, but you can't argue with that.

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Contra264188d ago

plain and simple.

If you have both systems. get the 360 because of the exclusive content.

Only take this advice if you play games and not systems.

ER1X4188d ago

Do we know the answer? (I don't know)

If it's not I'd say 360.

If it is then it's personal preference.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the games launch with identical content and MS will release the exclusive stuff as DLC you'll have to pay for at a later date. They paid 50 mill for it, they're going to want to get some of that back. ;)

Loudninja4188d ago

The reason will come clear soon

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The story is too old to be commented.