Why do guys play games more than girls?

ONM's Fred Dutton asks why there are still far more male gamers than girl gamers...

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Natsu X FairyTail3077d ago

It's something you pick up as a child. Girls are thaught to play with Dolls and dress up and guys play with Action figures and Video Games. That's why guys dont like Dolls and girls dont like video games lol. But there's exception though my Sisters play videoGames with me at times but it depends on of the game. My youngest sister likes playing SmackDown Vs Raw because we're both fans of Wrestling and my other sister likes horror games because she's a Scary Flick fanatic.

BeaArthur3077d ago

You're right, guys are conditioned to be interested in video games as children. I think our genetic makeup also predisposes us to being more interested in video games. Men typically are more drawn to action and violence, which most games have plenty of. When it comes down to it, video games have just evolved to suite men more than women. The first games were so basic that they were gender neutral (for lack of a better term) but as games evolved there were more male players and so developers naturally designed games to suit their audience. There are plenty of women who play, but look at the games that release on a weekly basis, they are clearly geared toward the male demographic. If they made more games that appealed to women then there would probably be more female gamers.

SententiaS3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

I partially disagree with both of you, and here is why:
Although all you have mentioned is not false, it does not represent the main reason why women are less attracted to games. About a year ago I took the time and asked plenty of women about this (I'm guessing over a hundred, different ages, different social and cultural background). The one thing that constantly popped up was that most games are in their opinion a waste of time.

Exploring this further I noticed their need of gaining something tangible from such an experience, especially if the experience is a complicated/demanding one. So this is why you will notice a lot of women (or at least more than men) are attracted to mind challenging games, sims or economical strategy games. They feel they are somehow training or at least they "grow" something (cities, little pet dragons, characters). If they are interested in just fun, they will most likely turn towards simple games such as Zuma for example.

So the more complicated layers of gameplay you add to a game such a RTS, RPG, FPS, etc the less chances are a woman would be interested in. It demands too much of her and gives so little back: just fun. You could argue that if a game is fun, then you can't ask more. Agreed, if you are a man. But consider the fact that they find this "fun" much easier in places inaccessible or not attractive to men.

Wall of text, oops. :)

The_Devil_Hunter3077d ago

Back then it use to be guys play with toy guns and girls play with the dolls, but things have changed, guys play with video games and girls.....what is it exactly what girls do at an early age....text?

SoX FireBlade3077d ago

Well most of the games are for boys I guess

you rarely find girls like halo or MGS but they would love to play Guitar Hero or platformers

Let me get a girlfriend first then I'll decide what to do with her xD

but I guess it will start with LittleBigPlanet , Natal and the Arc controller and some music games

this goes to movies too right ? but movies are for relaxing and not to get frustrated while playing Ninja Gaiden for example

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3077d ago

You guys are looking too far into this. The actual reason is they're too busy cooking, ironing and sewing to play games.

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ChickeyCantor3077d ago

The stereotype, thats why.

hatchimatchi3077d ago

Because men and women are different.

Different interests for different sexes.

TheTwelve3077d ago

Bingo. And there's nothing wrong with that.


mrdxpr23077d ago

exactly right on the money

tplarkin73077d ago

You are smarter than 99% of college professors.

koehler833077d ago

Chicks are too preoccupied with the continuation of the species.

Yeah, I don't get it either.

Jerk1203077d ago

Females are the weaker sex.

JussBlazn3077d ago

no wonder you have only one bubble.

3077d ago
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