The Pros and Cons of the iPhone: Part Two

Earlier this week IGN posted part one of The Pros and Cons of the iPhone, in which IGN outlined several reasons to get Apple's new super cell and, in contrast, several reasons to hold off. Still, as readers who so astutely failed to notice that a second part to the feature would be forthcoming pointed out, the piece listed the big pros, but failed to spotlight some of the major cons. With a week to go to the iPhone's release, IGN goes back with part two and this time they're not holding back on the cons.

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iceice1234195d ago

How much the iphone dominates ever other phone...

Mr_Kuwabara4195d ago

I mean, people complain about the PS3 price which is a freaking game console, sporting an incredible processor, Blu-Ray and a whole bunch of features yet the price is a burden that Sony's been carrying all these months, surely a phone with almost the same price won't do any good. Well at least for me, I'm definitely not getting this. I'd rather get a free phone and use it for what it’s worth, calling people.

ErcsYou4195d ago

iphone .599.99
1000 minutes. 49.99 a month
internet.49.99 a month
2 year contract
$49.99 x 24 =$1199.76
$49.99 x 24 =$1199.76
no thanx
and people complain about paying $50 a year for xbox live

ITR4194d ago

You do understand you can get a iPhone for $499.
You don't need 1000 mins due to roll over. I currently have 6,000 mins and I can't even use them all.
You can get $10 data plan from AT&T or you can get the unlimited data plan for $20.

$40 bucks for 450 mins. 5,000 min on the weekend and nights, free M2M, free roaming, and free LD.

Diselage4194d ago

Still the phone isn't cheap by any means, but it does offer a lot of functionality. I just don't have a use for all of it's features but if i did i probably wouldn't hesitate to get one because it could probably combine the PDA, Phone, and probably a few other things.