D+PAD Magazine: MAG Reviewed

D+PAD Magazine writes:

Getting masses of people together in one place can be a great thing – fill a stadium, house party or music festival and a good time is guaranteed for all (assuming that the sport/music/booze is up scratch, obviously!). There are times however when a crowd can simply be a royal pain in the proverbials – a crammed train, a long queue, a packed lift stuffed with sweaty commuters; at times like these it's easy to start hankering for some alone-time. And so we arrive at Sony and Zipper Interactive's MAG; a title that wants to be the music festival of the first person shooter world; a Glastonbury to Modern Warfare 2's more intimate (and, dare we say it, more purposeful) arena gig.

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raztad3027d ago

Too late for your review D+PAD, 500K are already enjoying MAG and many of them are former players of "teh intimatez" COD. Sorry you cant appreciate innovation and diversity.