The Top 10 Video Game Couples: Valentine's Weekend Special

With a weekend of romance on the way, Dealspwn takes a look at ten of the most memorable couples to have graced gaming over the years...

From the site:

"Love is the one thing that games often fail to grasp terribly well, and the less said about sometime associate Sex the better (yes BioWare, I'm looking at you). But there are some games that do manage to pull off relationships so engrossing that we keep coming back time and time again. Therefore, with Valentine's Day coming up it's time to take a look at some of gaming's sweetest couples. Some of them work, some of them are doomed more than UAC experiments on Mars, some are one-sided, some are simply part of a greater love triangle, or square, or dodecahedron, but they're all memorable. And they're all heartwarming…well, most of them anyway. You may encounter a few MASSIVE SPOILERS just so you know."

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Blues Cowboy3051d ago

Great list! Glad to see that Salem and Rios' bromance made the top ten.

Though where's Ico and Yorda?

gordonfreewoman3050d ago

Mona Sax & Max Payne... good one. Especially when you turn on the naked Mona mod... !