Watch the new GOW III trailer in HQ 1080p

So, we've all seen the new God of War III trailer on Game Trailers. Though it states "high-definition", the truth is that the Flash video is low-bitrate. So we thought we'd rectify that for you with a high quality full-1080p version of the trailer. Of course, God of War III will render natively at 720p, but this trailer needs to be seen in full-HD goodness.

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techie2807d ago

:O So much better than the GT video.

Julie2806d ago

Yes indeed, this trailer also has too much details going on and everything happens too fast , is hard to see all the stuff without going in slo-mo. Each time i see it in slo-mo i see lots of new details, even characters ! :)

techie2806d ago

Need to stare at the screenshots from this trailer =O http://www.playstationunive...

Julie2806d ago

See lol lots of detail , the vid goes too fast hehe , now ill look at the screenies ty to share them =)

Btw you can download the 1080p vid on to your PS3 and then play it there in slow motion (saw this on neogaf) :)

Shadow Flare2806d ago

If you guys want a good laugh, some dumbass wrote an article saying how halo reach "ECLIPSES" this game.


Julie2806d ago

Picked up some screenies.

This one is rediculous detailed :O

I love this one have an SOTC feeling:

This one seems a painting D:


pangitkqb2806d ago

Gonna have to get this one for sure.

Aquanox2806d ago

Looks really good but I've got to say, Halo Reach's ViDoc stole the show today.

chaosatom2806d ago

What have you done to my eyes.

The Great Melon2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

I really feel like we have yet to see everything from god of war. Hopefully as hinted in the trailer, Khaos (the first of the primordial deities) will be impressive.

techie2806d ago

I've seen the Halo Reach vid...I mean it's a mix of Fable II and Modern Warfare 1. Good, and much better than Halo 3, but not streets ahead of anything.

bacon132806d ago

EPIC! Kratos for president in 2012

raztad2806d ago


huh?? vidoc? what is that? is it PS3 related?

Going back to topic: GoW3 looks mindblowing. That epicness is TITANIC :D. Pun intended. I'll gladly stop playing MAG to enjoy GoW3 as soon as it's out.

Sub4Dis2806d ago

probably gonna have to be a day one purchase.

tda-danny2806d ago

We all knew your opinion before you even posted it. Move along

ChineseDemocracy2805d ago

"Oh boy this looks like the same old GodOW nothing changed, even the textures seems from a PS2 game. I am really disappointed , i was waiting badly for this game and now it looks so outdated and ugly.

Well at least we have the good new for real gamers where FFVersus is officially going to the 360.

Ty for the video."

This guy is just brutal, seriously.

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PS360PCROCKS2807d ago

APPROVE THIS PEOPLE!!! This is ridiculously better than GT

techie2806d ago

Looks sooo good...must put it on my PS3 and watch it on my Samsung TV! =O

PS360PCROCKS2806d ago

For sure I put it on my Pioneer Elite in 1080P :-O was my reaction

info2806d ago

seems like some are scared to reveal the real quality. This should already be on the front page by now. And GT they are doing well with showing first hand something so compressed that you can`t see a thing.
This is how it should have been shown in the first place

Simon_Brezhnev2806d ago

well it is GT we're talking about lmao

Jerk1202806d ago

Bayonetta looks better.

D4RkNIKON2806d ago

Either you are lying to yourself, or you are trying to spark a flame war and anger the community. From the looks of it, you have only one bubble and you are in the open zone for a reason.

I just hope that your comment was a fanboy remark and you really aren't as delusional as your comment leads us to believe.

The Killer2806d ago

this is the only reason why someone will say beytona is better than GOW3!! probably he had dreams with her and played with his private thing on her pictures!!

Hellsvacancy2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Bayonettas a pussies game, thats probably y u like it

And besides, Bayonettas on the PS3 aswel, so u fail

D4RkNIKON2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Alan what? Dante who? GOW3 GOTY 2o1o