Edge 212 review scores

The latest review scores from Edge has been revealed. Games that were rated includes BioShock 2, Dante's inferno, Heavy Rain, Mass Effect 2 and more.

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The Meerkat2991d ago

Heavy Rain - 7
Bioshock 2 - 8
Mass Effect 2 - 9
Dante's inferno - 6
Stalker: Call of Pripyat - 7
Darwinia+ - 8
Death By Cube - 6
Undead Knights - 4
Super Monkey Ball: Step and Roll - 5
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth - 6

Well done Mass Effect 2

FanOfGaming2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Heavy Rain seems almost like a love me or hate me type of game; though Edge's review scores for PS3 exclusives almost always seem below par when you compare them with other sites. Either way check out the games and don't let negative reviews restrict you from your own opinion.

Natsu X FairyTail2991d ago

ME2 keeps getting great scores. I'll have to stack my bread up fast to get it soon.

Danteh2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Well, I don't believe in bias in the industry, but Edge consistently reviews PS3 lower than other sites (fact, look Metacritic), strange... :(

SL1M DADDY2991d ago

It is. Those that hate the game are those with "plant-sized IQ's" and those that love the game are those who like adult, mature gaming and new experiences in their new IP's. This score is not a surprise coming from EDGE since they are of those with the small brains.

table2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Even though Heavy Rain is a love/hate game, we always knew that Edge would hate it :)

7/10 is still a good score by Edge ps3 standards though. That's a 8.5/9 for most other sites.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

"Those that hate the game are those with "plant-sized IQ's"

Or maybe they simply like actual gameplay instead of scripted QTE's.

2991d ago
kwyjibo2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

No, the ones with the small brains are the ones drawing conclusions based purely on a number - 7.


Edit - summary of Edge's Heavy Rain Review criticisms (from

Main complaints are not being able to tell what some actions do beforehand, and a lack of scene setting - you're plunged into situations without exposition, and even the character thoughts don't say why you're doing what you're doing. At one point you investigate a crime you don't know exists because of this aversion to exposition.

Characters rarely comment or reflect on the plot, and the only signs of change are visual rather than emotional: bandages and bruises reskinning the character. Deaths tend to be badly handled too, most coming at the hands of "comic book villains" and robbed of gravitas by the poor epliogues.

Also they say that one chase scene verges on parody, with you dodging chickens and crates of fruit and absent only two workmen carrying a big pane of glass.

Danteh2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Kitty Kat your reasoning is so flawed... in heavy Rain you move your character, investigate, etc.... until there is something to do and you press a sequence of buttons...
well, what do you do for example in Halo 3?
Apart from moving (the same,) you press the triggers all the time and ocasionally a button to throw a nade.
So in HR you even have more gameplay, you press more buttons :O

@Happyfeces: It's already getting very high reviews, sorry bro ;)

SL1M DADDY2991d ago

You completely justify my point. Gameplay comes in many different forms and to not know this puts you in the plant-sized IQ category. Thanks for the props.

Shadow Flare2991d ago

Well surprise, surprise. The apes at edge managed to take the pencils out of their mouth and pick a number out of a hat

A Cupcake for Gabe2991d ago

I don't get EDGE at all. They truly are some 360 fanboys who love nothing more than to hate on Sony. Oh well, their loss...losers

kwyjibo2991d ago

No, they managed to get their pencils out of their mouths and write a review too.

Only, that would require some comprehension on your behalf, and you can barely grasp numbers.

So 7 it is.

peeps2991d ago

"did sony fans really think this heavy rain game with terrible voice acting and its only gameplay quick time events was going to get high reviews?

really? "

most reviews are giving it 8 or 9 but yeh you latch on to the few reviews that give it a lower score...

Shadow Flare2991d ago

You're not denying that a bunch of apes work at edge then. Edge always score ps3 exclusives lower then everyone else, and are always below the metacritic. I'd probably never buy any games if I solely used them as a review source. Whats the point listening to them if they always going to be pessamistic, nay, biased. Because they usually aren't consistent with their criticism when they review 360 games. They're well known to score down ps3 titles well below the average. Ergo, they're a useless source

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat2991d ago

lol, get over yourself, SL1M DADDY.

Not liking a certain type of gameplay doesn't mean that someone has a "plant-sized IQ". To even suggest that is ridiculous, and makes me question YOUR IQ.

SL1M DADDY2991d ago

You asserted that Gameplay and QTE's are not one int he same and that QTE's are in fact, not game play. I made the point clear that QTE's are in fact game play just different. Sorry you didn't understand that, maybe next time I need to think and write my thoughts down as though I were a child. That way perhaps you would better understand my posts...

only on playstaychun2991d ago

You know there is something wrong with a magazine when they can hand a 10/10 to Bayonetta, but give a 9/10 to Mass Effect 2 and Uncharted 2. I am glad that HR actually got a 7/10; they actually think it is a good game!

Obelisk922991d ago

I thought Heavy Rain could have scored 8, but 7 is still a very good score for EDGE (they gave it to Killzone 2 too, and 8 to MGS4...).

I'm happy for Mass Effect 2.

Cyrax_872991d ago

Good ol' Edge, rating PS3 exclusives nearly 2 whole points lower then the average score. I guess this means the game's as good as KZ2, it's a win.

I'm predicting an 8 for GoW3. They've already said "Bayonetta slaps Kratos and Dante...", so they're definately not going to give it a good score.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat2991d ago

SL1M DADDY, you are really grasping at straws with that one, my friend. lol

You know exactly what I meant, and your "all gameplay is gameplay" logic is a very lame attempt to defend QTE's and Heavy Rain's massive use of them.

Just accept that some people don't find QTE "gameplay" enjoyable, and stop trying to defend the game with insults and put downs.

Ravage272991d ago

good ol biased Edge, at least these guys are consistent i give them that.

dragunrising2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Don't think your heavy handed insults go unnoticed. Your IQ has nothing to do with the type of game play you enjoy. I like FPS's, RPGs, and QTE games (Shenmue comes to mind). I do NOT like racing games or strategy games. Does this make me stupid? NO! Ignorance is bliss, isn't it?

IdleLeeSiuLung2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

You sound like a real mature person with such a wide sweeping generalization!


Remember when Edge gave ME1 a 7? Yeah, they must also be biased against the 360 as well. source:

That leaves the Wii! Good riddance, Edge are Wii fanboys!!!

Ravage272991d ago

sigh~ read what he typed again. That kitty was suggesting that QTE doesn't constitute as gameplay. SlimDaddy replied by saying that gameplay comes in many different flavours and by not recognising QTE as one of them, kitty is just being foolish. And i agree with him

Hoggy19832991d ago

No, I think you need to read SL1M's original post today. You're criticisng one gamer for stating that all QTE's aren't true games. Yet your not criticising another gamer for stating that only those of a high intellect appreciate QTE's. 2 generalisations yet only one you have umbrage with. Contradiction, no?

AliTheBrit192990d ago

I think BioShock 2 deserves higher, it is very familiar to the first but that isn't a bad thing because the first game was awesome.

SilentNegotiator2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Heavy Rain did what it set out to do and did it well. The GOOD reviews acknowledge that.

All of the 7s and such we keep seeing have the complaint of ZOMG NOT TEH FIRSS PERSIN SHOTER GAMEPLAYZ!!!

Redempteur2990d ago

Ace attorney got 6 ???
Seriously ?

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mjolliffe2991d ago

Wow. I would have though Heavy Rain would at least get an 8...

David Cage won't be happy.

Hakimy2991d ago

Indigo Prophecy got an 8 from Edge so yeah anyone would have expected another 8 if not 9 from them ;)

Hellsvacancy2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

I never pay attention 2 Edges review scores

Edit: I guess by the disagrees i got that i DO pay attention 2 Edge review scores, dont u just love it when people think they know u better then wot u know yourself

maspi2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Edge's rating indigo prophecy(Fahrenheit)It’s almost shocking how seamless, engrossing and accessible Fahrenheit is. It’s sad, then, that it shows weakness in the one area where it needed to be stronger than any other game: the script. [Oct 2005, p.84]score 80

now things are changed. heavy rain is not a multiplatform title or a microsoft exlusive title.obviously rating scale is lower.

kwyjibo2991d ago

No, it's just that standards have moved on since Fahrenheit (which established this style of gameplay).

There was a "Time Extend" piece in Edge recently about Fahrenheit, which was fairly critical of the plot going full retard.

I'd say Fahrenheit was pretty overrated at the time, people were all applauding the adult direction and innovation that it represented - glossing over that the player ends up as a zombie jedi fighting the internet.

hmmmm2991d ago

OMG! Get over your little persecution complex, take out a dictionary and look up the meaning of disagree.

If someone disagrees with what you're saying, it means ->THEY<- don't share your opinion or view. It doesn't mean that you don't share your own opinion or view..

I know its not just you, but everyone on this site gets so sensitive over disagrees when they clearly don't understand what it means..

Hellsvacancy2991d ago

U went outta ya way 2-tell me that

mastiffchild2991d ago

I'm sorry to have to say this as I always oput it down to them liking the controversy before but it's getting embarrassing for me to read anything Edge do these days. It's got to be more than a coincidence when they ALWAYS(unless their bias towards a UK dev is in action as with LBP-they love their fellow brits at Edge and always have)mark PS3 games below their metacritic(though they gave the first ME a 7 so I was pleased to see them notice the second one was a better game)-it's gettng ridiculous now and UI don't think I'vve ever seen anything like it in all my years of reading and working for mags and newspapers.

I don't enjoy the thought but it's got to the point where Edge look truly biased. I never thought I'd say something like that about fellow journalists but fact is fact and they keep on doing it. Everey big Ps3 release is marked down on Edge, dress it up however you like but it's way beyond the realms of coincidence at this point. Very, very sad that this should be happening in a publication that I used to subscribe to and in my own country.Shameful.

Even if, and it may well be the case, this i an honest review I'm at the point where I can't believe there isn't a bias against the Sony platform at Edge and I'v flought the idea even against the stats for over a year now but, distressingly, it's time to say I lost this one and something odd has been going on.

hmmmm2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

oh no!! i got a disagree...

and yes, i did tell you cos obviously you didn't know..

Hellsvacancy2991d ago

Ill add a disagree 2 that aswel as u thought it was me :-P

jessupj2990d ago

I thought it would have been pretty obvious Hells was just being sarcastic.

Back on topic. I called it!! I called it in my previous post. Edge gives HV a 7. It's quite sad when I can predict edge's bias review scores. Even when everyone else were giving most 9s and 8s, I come out and say Edge will give a 7 and I was bang on the money. Funny that.

And you still think edge arn't little baby fanboys that have a little tanty everytime an awsome PS3 exclusive is released?

jack_burt0n2990d ago


Its true when ppl talk about the bias they are not exagerating its UNMISSABLE i was a long time subscriber 2 edge.

All these high scores for bioshock 2 are shocking the game is about 4 and a half hours long, commercial reviews are meaningless nowadays imo.

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Omega42991d ago

ME2 didnt get a 10 from Edge!? I thought they were biased towards the 360.

That 7 for HR wont help increase its 89 meta score was so close to being AAA too.

Chris3992991d ago

The pixel and score counters are in the minority. Shame that Army of Poo outsold what "critics" hailed as the "superior" game - Bayonetta - last month.

Guess it goes to show that people don't give a $hit about all the fanboy b.s. that happens on the web. You could learn something valuable from that factoid, Omega.

You're really one of the most obnoxious forms of troll. How many accounts are you up to at this point btw? I guess the disagrees will tell me in a minute.

anh_duong2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

do you spend your whole life antagonising people??

you know there is no difference between a sony fanboy or ms fanboy..

their brain is exactly the same i.e. the way they think is exactly the same - their fears hopes and dreams are all the same..

the only difference is they just so happen to own difference consoles..

in other words, why spend so much of your life antagonising people who are just like yourself..

Omega42991d ago


I dont see your point, are you trying to say its a good thing that gamers dont care about reviews and buy games solely based on popularity like Halo and COD and leave games like Demon Souls and HR to sell next to nothing?

damnightmare2991d ago

Omega4, Open Zone is >>>>>> that way if you want to troll

Oh right, you can't understand that concept.

Sorry, continue noob.

Chris3992991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Why you loathe an inanimate object so fiercely MUST be linked to a very poor sense of self-esteem.

I am a gamer. Ask any of the people on N4G who have me on their PSN/ Live friends list, and they will tell you that lately I've been spending my time between Magna Carta 2 and WKC (will be playing the Wii in the summer too, once Arc Rise Fantasia is out). I don't care about the system, I care about the games (well, the genre - JRPGs in particular). I can easily level complaints against any of the companies who make my little toys. For example, I have made comments on N4G that cover a range of opinions, such as: Wii has weak online features and $hit graphics, PSN has very poor support for the Go and Sony takes too long in releasing their games, 360 has terrible build quality and Natal doesn't look very exciting (same for the PS3 wand - for "motion control" spazziness, I don't need any of these casual devices I have a Wii).

My brain is capable of separating the art of what I love (the games) from the faceless corporations that back them. Yours does not seem to have that function. You appear to be a blind, mind-less, capitalist to the core; spouting the same gibberish for your imagined "team" as the PR mouthpieces (Greenburg, Dille, Reggie).

And moving away from the issue of your mental flaccidity, back to the subject of review scores, my point is this: 80% of the world buys games without the influence of such things as review scores or critics, so why is metacritic and all this internet nonsense so important to you when it's only a small part of the ecology?

It just seems like another character defect to me. Seriously, you need to get out more, grow up, get a girlfriend/ boyfriend (I don't judge) or something. People like you (same for PS3 and Wii fanatics) make it less enjoyable for the sensible people here on N4G.

Omega42991d ago

Im only replying to your second to last paragraph as its the the only thing which actually relates to what i said, cause i dont remember talking about anyones life story.

I would think it would be quite obviously why i care about reviews and the such. To make it a little more obvious for you to comprehend i will use something you said to explain. You split gamers into two groups, with one consisting of 80%, now which group do you think both you and I and EVERYONE who comes onto and comments on N4G :)

Chris3992991d ago

I, personally, did not split gamers into two groups, I merely pointed to the schism that exists and has been documented. Once again you are trying to polarize things even further - such seems to be the nature of your mind. Of that 20% or so, the "hardcore" who follow trends, news and reviews, not even ALL OF THEM (hence the story about my personal relationship with gaming) give a crap about someone else's opinion when purchasing a game. You, along with the other pixel-counters and red-faced, screaming fanboys are in a minority. It's a very vocal minority here on N4G, as this is a microcosm and not indicative of reality, so maybe that's why you think what you say has merit.

I'm not saying that your opinion doesn't exist, simply that the vast majority of people on N4G and in the real world, don't care about what you have to say. So, respectfully, keep it to yourself.

Was that clear enough for you?

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Akagi2991d ago

Stalker gets a 7, that's awful.

PrimordialSoupBase2991d ago

The scale doesn't go from 7 to 10.

Dragunov2991d ago

Heavy Rain is 89 in metacritic!

Seriously dude, get a life

heroprotagonist2991d ago

It's funny how last year the high scores that some PS3 games received were rubbed in the faces of 360 fans by PS3 fans, but now that several PS3 games have received lower scores the attitude has shifted and now we are told that these games are really amazing despite their lower scores.

Why wasn't that attitude applied to the great 360 games that came out last year? Where was the 'oh, it's all subjective, just try the game out for yourself' attitude last year?

Karooo2991d ago

Halo odst, forza 3 and ? halo wars ninja blade? explain please.

A Cupcake for Gabe2991d ago


Non of these games are more than "decent" by any means...and ninjablade is complete and utter trash

Veneno2991d ago

@ Hero

You don't understand what's going on here, I'll try and explain it to you.. The low score is not the issue , it's that Edge, and also Desrructoid played right into their self established typecast of "PS3 exclusives get no higher than 7" 7 is the score everyone was expecting and no one is shocked at all by this. Edge is completely predictable. Make sense?

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