Under Siege - World exclusive preview

Eurogamer Portugal said: "This first impression was very positive, especially the tremendous visual quality and aesthetics of the game. Under Siege is set for release in the spring, and certainly at that time, with the final version of many of the questions will be taken."

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devsgreat2930d ago

great RTS for a console and even better if u think its a psn game, cant wait!

Dipso2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

One of my most anticipated games this year and possibly the one and only reason I'll buy the motion controllers.

- Native 1080p (not upscaled )
- Replay recording with option to upload to YouTube
- Motion Controller support
- Splitscreen for Co-Op and Competitive
- 4 players online
- Video and voice chat in game and on lobby (with tiny windows on the corner!)
- Photo Mode (WipEout we envy you…)
- Custom Soundtracks

That's one impressive PSN title.