Alan Wake: Controller Settings Leaked

Videogameszone published a photo which shows the controller setting of Alan Wake.

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Michael-Jackson2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Y - flashlight charge, nice!

Trebius2987d ago

Cant wait to see the 360 bots praise the game's controls.

"Omg the controls are great! great controls for a great game! goty!"

"Wow! Charge the flashlight!! NICE!! Suck it droids!"

"OoOoO!! You can Jump!! Cant jump in MGS4 or HEavy Rain!! GOTY Confirmed!"

Chubear2987d ago

Only on the DEFINITIVE! gaming system.

SilentNegotiator2987d ago

LT = Shine light
RT = shoot
Not specified = feel nostalgia for Luigi's mansion

Axecution2987d ago

Does anyone else here HATE it when you need to push RT/R2 to Shoot? Its so retarded. You don't need a PRESSURE SENSITIVE trigger for a gun, and when you pull an actual trigger you use your index finger (The finger that hovers over RB/R1). So dumb. And it just feels wrong...

Honestly i hate it. >.< *cries and throws a hissy fit for no reason*

Saaking2987d ago

Every Shooter released on the 360 shoots with the Right Trigger. On the PS3, most devs use R1. This control scheme is good and normal.

Megaton2987d ago

Doesn't bother me on the 360 controller, but it's really fail on the DS3. Fortunately most devs know that, and map it to R1 instead.

Bnet3432987d ago

Why would you hate shooting with the Right Trigger? What the hell?

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red2tango2987d ago

How is this newsworthy? Not trying to start an argument, but a control layout is not news.

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The story is too old to be commented.