Criterion Working On New SSX?

Rumours have it that Criterion are working on a new SSX alongside the next Need For Speed title.

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willie322990d ago

I am hoping this is true. I have been waiting since the release of Burnout Paradise for this game. Did anyone ever remember how the DJ would hint to it on the radio?

SIX2990d ago

SSX was my favorite racing game. Oh god please be true.

Rich16312990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

I <] Criterion! They are one of the few developers out there (right along side with Dice) that kicked butt when it came to post launch support. I'll buy anything with their name on it.

only on playstaychun2990d ago

Its about time a proper next gen SSX was announced!! (same with a great follow up from THPS3 but that is unlikely)