GTA Chinatown Wars iPhone on sale this week-end

To celebrate the year of the Tiger, Rockstar Games announces a promotion on Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars available since a few weeks on AppStore. The offer is limited to this week end only.

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peeps2992d ago

damn, already bought it.

from what little i played of it i really enjoyed it, but aint been on any long journeys etc recently so not had to use it to sort out my boredom lol

koehler832992d ago

Damn I already bought it too.

It's really good though and they just patched it to randomize a custom playlist which is rad. It really helped pass the time the last couple weeks while I was working nights.

Probably the best game I've played on iPhone among the more 'core' selections. In fact, probably the best game I've played on iPhone at all.

B00M2992d ago

Just bought it =D Hope its good

spunnups2992d ago

Bought it the other day, if you have an iTouch 2nd generation pick it up.

RH062992d ago

Thats cheap, make me wish I didn't break mine...How about some PSP love Rockstar, I have both LCS and VCS, half off the PSN would be nice. I'd buy it right now!

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