Epic Hiring For 'Newest IP'

CC: Early last month, Epic Games' CliffyB said that some 'awesome shit' on the way. Now, a job listing says that the Gears of War developers are getting ready for work on their 'newest IP'.

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SpaceSquirrel3053d ago

I hope it isn't another shooting game.

mjolliffe3053d ago

As long as it actually is 'awesome sh*t' like he said.

They didn't let us down with Gears so hopefully they won't let us down with this one xD

TheDudeAbides3053d ago

isn't their next game supposed to be multiplat ?

TheHater3053d ago

I expect another shooter using the unreal engine, having characters with muscles the size Cliff ego and lackluster story. Did I cover everything or am I missing some points.

WildArmed3053d ago

Epic is good with shooters, i dont know why'd I hope for anything else out of them.

Gears / Unreal Tourny.. fun games. They should stick with what they do best..
ofc hopefully it's a new franchise (even if it a shooter one)..

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The real killer3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Because EPIC is a multi developer, why so fanboy behavior?

We win, you think you are funny? Typical little 360 fanboy.
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You are right, but i ask that EPIC is a third party developer, it is not owned by Microsoft, look those disagree with me, those typical 360 blind fanboys thinks that EPIC is from Microsoft....LOL.

The real killer3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

So according those 6 people who disagree with me is Epic owned by Microsoft.

unrealgamer583053d ago

don't reason with the beast just disagree and move on.

3053d ago
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