Obsidian Entertainment also working on Wheel of Time game for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

Red Eagle Games and Obsidian Entertainment today announced that it's formed an agreement to create new video games based on Robert Jordan's fantasy series, The Wheel of Time for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

"The development team at Obsidian Entertainment has demonstrated time and again that they can successfully blend storytelling with technology to craft a superior RPG game experience," said Rick Selvage, Chief Executive Officer of Red Eagle Games. "Obsidian Entertainment is the ideal development partner to help Red Eagle Games take Jordan's beloved characters from the printed page to exciting new forms of interactive media."

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pippoppow3079d ago

Anyone who liked LoTR should read TWoT. Nice to know a movie is in the works. Would have to be at least 5-4hr movies.

MiloGarret3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

And at least a trilogy of games. Hopefully they make the game(s)/movie(s) less wuss than the books are.

The casting for a TWoT movie should be hard... How do you cast Lanfear/Cyndane!?? Most beatiful woman ever, ummmmmm. And Rand?!!? A giant basically, hmmmmm, not too many of those going around.

You're on book 7 (out of 12 so far, not 11)? Read slowly, the final chapters are due out in the coming years. You know the guy who wrote the first 11 died right? Poor guy contracted some crazy instant-death desease. The last books are being written by another author based on the notes he left.

mynd3079d ago

I must say, I've just about finished book one (they just came out of the ways to the blight), and am most impressed with the writing style, it is a shame Jordan died before completing his works.

From what Ive read, a fantastic setting for any game.

MK_Red3079d ago

So, the same Obsidian that was working on Alien RPG that was cancelled, Alpha Protocol that has been delayed a million times and Fallout Vegas that's coming this fall, is also working on this game? Are they like a thousand people or something?


thats just what i was thinking.

I still liked Kotor 2 and i am looking forward to see what they do with alpha pro, but I would imagine they must be stretched.

m-s-8-23078d ago

If they're anything like Jordan was, they'll milk the franchise out way too long. Seriously, the story just got too drawn out around A Crown of Swords.

yog-sothot3078d ago

I completely agree with you !

I'll add that I personnaly hated most of the characters in these books :-P.

Good news for the fans I guess

m-s-8-23078d ago

I actually enjoyed the books the first time I read them. Subsequent readings made me realise how monotonous Jordans writing style was. And any chapter that was told from the perspective of Elayne, Egwene or Nynaeve was just uninteresting. Sadly that was about half of each book after #3.

Ether3078d ago


The games might be good, but theres no way they can convey the entire story of the books. Its just too rich for a movie or a game.

Alcon Caper3078d ago

I thought the PC iteration was quite impressive. It was an amazing 3rd person spell based game. I hope these next installments do justice to the under rated original.

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