WorthPlaying: Sudoku Ball: Detective Review

WorthPlaying writes: "The game of sudoku has become rather popular among people of all ages. You can often find a sudoku puzzle alongside - or, in some cases, replacing - the crossword puzzle in any magazine or newspaper. This fact was not lost on video game developers, as at least one form of sudoku has hit all of this generation's available consoles. With the touch-screen being a natural replacement for standard pen and paper, the Nintendo DS is the king when it comes to Sudoku. The portable console has seen countless versions of the numbers game either as stand-alone titles or as companions to the ever-popular brain training titles. The glut of these titles has created a problem, since they seem the same to the average consumer. Playlogic and Whitebear Studios seem to have this issue figured out with their latest title, Sudoku Ball: Detective."

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