X10-New Splinter Cell Conviction, Alan Wake and Fable 3 screens will freak you out

Microsoft's recently concluded event, X10, saw a lot of reveals regarding a host of 360-exclusives. What it also had, was some delicious looking new screenshots from a number of games. Out of those, we picked out the best ones from Alan Wake, Splinter Cell:Conviction and Fable 3. So without any further ado, here they are.

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Natsu X FairyTail2993d ago

I like the Alan Wake and SC pics but the Fable 3 are meh.

SeriousHashBrown2993d ago

yeah i agree completely, but then again Fable 1 and 2 werent all that special visually. the character designs for the humans sometimes give me nightmares haha

cyborg2993d ago

Yea, the Fable screens does look a bit lacking in terms of visual appeal but that's usual with Fable games. The new Conviction screens look amazing though, April 16 cant come sooner!

@TBY-Yea, after all these years, Alan Wake seems poised to deliver.

@Brown-Yea, Fable always focused more on its story and gameplay rather than creating great looking characters. But the amount of innovation it offered seems amazing.

SL1M DADDY2993d ago

It's always been about how you connect to the world and your characters. As for the other games... They look nice.

infamousinfolite2993d ago

The Alan Wake screens look really good especially the lighting in the car screen shot and so does Splinter Cell. Fable 3 looks ok

Natsu X FairyTail2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Nevermind my Earlier Comment. The Pictures dont do the game justice. Check out the footage here(approve it aswell if you can).

The game seems to be running very smoothly and the graphics looks better than the earlier titles.

damnightmare2993d ago

Yeah, I'm not wholeheartedly impressed by the Fable 3 scans either. I'll wait til gameplay is shown at least.

Most excited for Crackdown 2 for now =D

Raf1k12993d ago

Really looking forward to SC. Alan Wake looking really good but has no chance of coming to PC which is a shame but at least it gives me +1 reason to get a 360.

I wasn't expecting much from Fable3's visuals but then again that series has never been about graphics though it's visual style is quite unique.
What are your experiences with the Fable2? I liked the first one but didn't think it was all that and I'm still looking for reasons to get a 360 as I don't want to get one just to play a few games and then not touch it again for ages.

talltony2993d ago

man scc will be so sick.

SkyGamer2993d ago

Splinter Cell FTW! Wow I was not going to get Splinter Cell but those pics changed my mind. Go Ubi!

Lemmiwinks2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

they should have left it out maybe fable 3 looks good against its own category but against alan wake and splinter cell it makes it look real bad.....the asphalt on that one alan wake looked amazing. splinter cell looks good too. i bummed that alan wake isnt going to be on pc. but ill survive gow 3, will keep me satisfied im never buying a console for one game again lol....ill play splinter cell conviction on the pc tho....i use an xbox controller anyways so its like i have a high end 360...i know this isnt the right article but imo i really think alan wake not going to the pc was because its been taking them so long and they really didnt want to put the effort into making the game stunning for the PC....Maybe they were afraid the PC gamers would eat them alive cuz it wasnt crysis material...Cause to be honest when has microsoft ever turned down the potential of making more money and i know there was alot of pc and ps3 gamers that were going to buy alan wake on it must come down to the developers being lazy or something along the lines up. Cause after crysis set the bar PC developers got alot of pressure to deliver. i just really dont understand why theyve been spending so much time on this alan wake game and then it turns out its only one version, like did they actually start the pc version. like why scrap it when theyve already started it i bet its going to be a timed dealio....and i think microsoft is getting pissed at sony and this is their way to say we do have exclusive games or something. maybe they dont want the pc to make the 360 version look worse. cuz pc versions tend to do that no matter what the game is. even any ps3 game could look bad if it was also made on the pc with crysis in be honest tho i like console gaming better. i like how performance is always the same. sometimes pc's have problems and your games performance is hindered and such.....i was kind of interested in alan wake, i could borrow a budies 360 if i really wanted and have the time to play it we will see.....

muDD2992d ago

i think its time to get off uncharted's nutsack... These graphhix r just as good... umm... no, there better.

Lemmiwinks2992d ago

i did mention that i love the gameplay and i just want to play more of it cause its fun to immerse urself in adventure treasure hunting games like that.....i guess you just saw what you wanted to see.....and thats a bold statement you just made. how bout you withhold that statement till alan wake actually comes the fuk out alright...i love when people say unreleased games are better than released games that just won a ton of awards and raised the graphics bar pretty high....but really who the f cares really, a game is as good as you make it out to be..people that argue over which games look better and which console sold more are just insecure.....

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Agent TBY2993d ago

Wow, Remedy have a stunner on their hands.

infamousinfolite2993d ago

Can anyone say system seller?

Active Reload2993d ago

Looks like 2010 belongs to MS.

Lemmiwinks2993d ago

just focus on the console you enjoy.....alright.....the ps3 has its own games, gt5,resistance 3, agent ***GOW 3***(so stoked for this game) , hopefully killzone 3 with more guns, secondary fire, maybe some limb dismemberment and a tiny bit of mw 2 factor, and longer and more in depth story. i like how the leader of the helghan doesnt even put up a fight like guerrila games could have made that a cool boss fight but no it was a cut scene... like i know that invisible guy was a boss fight but still. its like one guy said before that i liked i want some cooler bosses and a more variety of enemys like mutated helghan or something. as you can see im a fan of games cuz ill admit killzone 2 was a dissappointment for me no matter how good it looks i feel like they focused on the graphics way to much and forgot about the guns and story..... even if its the same engine but with a new story id like to see another uncharted game but im sure it wont be till atleast 2011, but i love those adventure type indianna jones games. there really isnt enough of them......notice how i didnt mention heavy rain.....cuz even tho its for the ps3 i dont think itle have enough action for me....both consoles have stuff up theyre sleeve ittle be interesting to see what happends in the fall....

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Shaman2993d ago

Alan Wake is clearly a looker,up there with UC2 and KZ2,but boy SC C surprised me,lightning,textures...its looking amazing,didnt expect it too look that good.
Fable III is nice looking,good art style,very much reminds me of industrial age,but nothing technically spectacular.

Raf1k12993d ago

I'm not so sure about AW's visuals being up there with U2 and K2 TBH. It looks really great but the lighting isn't as impressive as I thought it would be.
Maybe it's because I spend so much time with people at uni who work on 3D animations but I couldn't help noticing that the character in front of the car is casting a shadow caused by one light source. Maybe I'm just being picky but I think the lighting is quite a bit better in U2 and K2.

BX812993d ago

Yeah I thought I was the only one but to me they look just as good as UN2 imo. Not to sure about the environment depth but this goes to show all the doubters that the 360 mos definitely has juice left in it.

On a side note: If you haven't done so yet and own a PS3 Download the Heavy Rain demo. It actually blew my mind. That game is a must have on the mature gamers list!

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tudors2993d ago

I like the new charactor designs, it definatly looks good enough, not final fantasy good but good nontheless.

DelbertGrady2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

I'va always loved the art direction and character design in Fable. Creates a perfect mood.

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