God Of War 3 Destroys X10 Conference In 90 Seconds

God Of War 3 has shocked the industry once again but most of all it shocked Microsofts X10 press event.

In 90 seconds one game actually out performed a days worth of game announcements and new impressions from the Xbox360. This is literally the best time to be a gamer considering Microsoft and Sony are delivering the goods but, only one can make chaos rise and that is the exclusive Kratos.

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socomnick3021d ago

HHG lol what an idiot.
Whats wrong ?
Angry because you did not get an invite to X10 ?

lol yea because x10 is for real journalists not idiots like yourself.

So go ahead go back to making up stuff and saying its news.

3sq3021d ago

Can't blame the guy for telling the truth.

God of War 3>X10

RememberThe3573021d ago

I cannot stress to you how much a hate your avatar. :)

Major_Tom3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Truer words have never been spoken HHG. Welcome back to N4G.

God Of War 3 GOTY 2010.

Natsu X FairyTail3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

This guy HHG is a Joke. I tried giving him a chance but It gets worse and worse by weeks. He's obviously trying to stir stuff up by posting Flamebait articles on N4G. Like socomick said he's really hating on X10 because he dint get any invites. Most of the journalist got to see the games. Most of the footages werent made public except for a few exception like the Alan Wake Trailer. That's about it.

3021d ago
Cyrax_873021d ago

I thought I was the only one!

swiftshot933021d ago

I agree with the above, your avatar fvcking sucks socomnick.

LordMarius3021d ago

Guys, guys guys

HHG is telling the truth this time

THE MAX SPEED 213021d ago

so when HHG says something about PS3>Xbox it's the truth but when it's the opposite its Crap?

we won3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

LOL only in hardcore PS3 fanboys minds lol. Everybody at the MSFT event was amazed and stunned at most of the games there, just because no videos have hit the web yet from the event, doesn't mean GOW3 destroyed sh*t. I wonder if the media are even paying any attention to GOW3 with so many other games being shown.

topdawg1223021d ago

True words HHG, no doubt God of War looks like it has massive scale that will look mindblowing.

Socomnick change your Jersey shore avatar please.

Ichiryoka3021d ago

If you can name one trailer that was more epic than the GOW3 trailer that was at X10 then you can prove him wrong.

Until you provide a trailer more epic than gow3 that was atx10, then the man is telling the truth.

frankymv3021d ago

Only idiot is you..HHG is dogmatic (he speaks the truth). Best journalist in gaming....PERIOD.

otherZinc3021d ago

However, I'm going to disagree with him yet again. Those videos are nice of GoW3 but that's what it is: A Video!

GoW3 looks nothing like that at all while playing, in game the game isn't close with zero scale!


bnaked3020d ago

I'm german, and I'm not a hip hop fan. Damn i love AC/DC. But i think that the hip hop gamer is really cool. imo he's sympathetic and i believe in his statements. I don't know why, but i think he's just right..

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3sq3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Sorry X10 :(

KratoOwnsAll3021d ago

X10 just got owned by Krato!!!

swiftshot933021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

LOL! Im approving!

Edit: Ya I approved, cause this sh1t is hilarious. I cant believe this joker has made an entire story in an hour demeaning the value of the X10 event.

I wouldnt even mind if it was serious, but this....

Edit 2: OT....Well... FOR ME (IMO!) I agree. Im not saying that the significance of the GOWIII trailer is greater than X10, but that trailer was better than anything Ive seen out of the X10 event (IMO).

RememberThe3573021d ago

That was the exact thing I though when I read it. Socomnicks comment and report meant that I had no choice; I couldn't resist.

RememberThe3573021d ago

The flamebait titles will never end!

Not trying to be a fanboy or anything, but he kind of has a point.

Natsu X FairyTail3021d ago

wow pretty much fanboyish title. I dont even feel like clicking his video. I saw the GoW3 trailer and yes the game looks good but I wasnt amazed by the Video Because I had seen most of the stuff shown in it in the older trailer. I thought the Alan Wake trailer was better Not because it's on Xbox but because there's actual Suspence in the footage.

swiftshot933021d ago

I totally see where your coming from. I was just so impressed with the scale, but in terms of structure, the Alan Wake trailer was better. It had a lot of new footage (gameplay and story stuff), the suspence you mentioned, and it had awesome graphics to boot.

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