Kotaku Impressions: Alan Wake Looks Good

Kotaku writes: "The long-in-development Alan Wake, one of the most enigmatic titles in development for the Xbox 360, will finally be released on May 18, Microsoft announced today. Earlier this week, the game's developers gave Kotaku a live demonstration. It was impressive."

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RememberThe3573026d ago

The game looks great. I'm not sure how the gameplay looks,but for now I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt.

Major_Tom3026d ago

Looks good, but it has a long way to catch up from what I've seen. Will this be the game to dethrone PS3 as the Graphics King?

swiftshot933026d ago

The story, graphics, and atmosphere are all amazing. Im a bit worried about the gameplay as well. Pointing a light at a zombie and shooting it looks really cool, but I though this game would be more than that. I thought it would be different, ya know?

we won3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Metro 2033 and Alan Wake have already done that lol.

Give it up man.

EDIT Disagree?

You should see this gameplay on the 360 on a big screen screw this supposed low quality HD video

camachoreloaded88063026d ago

More talk like that on 360 articles and pretty soon no one will care what you think cause your comments will be hidden.

swiftshot933026d ago

@ above

With your user use arguing...

DatNJDom813026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

i dont have a source but i do recall reading something like that prior to e3 09. this is my opinion and i know noone here will like it. The game looks good lets make that clear. however, its not touching Heavy Rain, UC2, GOW3. so Major Tom the answer to ur question is no. It does look interesting though and Im kinda leaning on at least renting it now.

Major_Tom3026d ago

I think I spoke to soon, for a second I legitimately thought Alan Wake was a serious contender as a graphics champion, and then God of War 3 happened.

Natsu X FairyTail3026d ago

There's actually more ways of killing "The Taken" in Alan Wake. Remedy revealed 10 Acheivements you can unlock in the game and one is Killing A Certain number of enemies with Elements you find in your way. Some of those Elements are Tree Branches you can shoot so they can fall on your Enemies and Destroying Light Poles.

Socrates3026d ago

PS3 fanboys trolling in this article are lame. God of War 3 looks good, but it is way overrated in the graphics department. Alan Wake is technically much more impressive.

Hmm...let's see, which one looks better?


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DelbertGrady3026d ago

"Remedy writer Sam Lake described the game to me as a "smart, tightly-paced story" and as a "thriller." I asked him earlier this week what he meant be smart. "This is more of a thriller than a horror game," he said. "When you talk about horror in video games, it usually means blood and gore." He said the Remedy team wanted something other than cheap chills. "We want to make sure there are no scares just for the sake of scares," he said. Everything, all of the game's creepiness, will cohere into a narrative."

Good thing they didn't go open-world. I think that would ruin the immersiveness and pacing of the story. Sounds amazing!

Madis0073026d ago

They said same thing about LOST game

Alan Wake - Episodes
LOST - Episodes

Alan Wake - Linear and freedom
LOST - Linear and freedom

Alan Wake(missions) - Run, shoot, find and fix
LOST(missions) - Run,shoot,find and fix

This game looks so much like LOST.
Only Alan Wake takes place in darkness.

Oh wait. LOST had black smoke(like monster)

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Boob3026d ago

As of right now, there isnt a PC release. Supposedly its up to MS to decide it. So for now, its an exclusive.

Madis0073026d ago



Trebius3026d ago

seems to have taken a slight hit in the graphics dept after stopping development on the PC...but it's still good by 360 standards for SURE!

Day 1.

Socrates3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

It looks a lot better than any PS3 game. Don't kid yourself.

God of War 2
God of War 2.5

Major_Tom3026d ago

Alan Wake Vs. God of War 3

as you can see the textures are absolutely terrible in Alan Wake and the emotionless animation and stiffness of the character detract from the already meek and poor atmosphere.

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