1UP: Final Fantasy XIII Preview

1UP writes: "If you've heard anything about Final Fantasy XIII based on impressions of the import version that hit Japan back in December, chances are pretty good that it's been a complaint about the game's linearity. And it's true: FFXIII is an insanely linear videogame, one that blurs the boundaries of the RPG by shoehorning evolutionary genre-specific mechanics into a format more reminiscent of God of War than Ultima. It's the yin to Mass Effect 2's yang, which is a separate discussion in and of itself. The point is, long-time RPG fans are a little freaked out about what FFXIII's structure means for the future of the series, and of the genre at large."

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GameGambits2934d ago

I can't stress how simple it is to simplify this dilemma of linearity---if you liked Final Fantasy X then you will like FF13. I spent 120 hours with FF13 and almost have platinum, but decided to do it when the English version hits to get the last 2 trophies I need.

It's a GREAT game, but one that suffers from the first 10 chapters being so unawe-inspiring as the final 3.

It was worth the 100 bucks I spent to play it in December, and it'll be worth the 60 again just to bust through it again in English.