Downloading New Games: It's the Current Reality and the Certain Future

There are many arguments against the rapid increase of DLC and digital downloads for video games. At the same time, there are several excellent reasons why downloading games and content is not only the future, but it's the current reality.

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The middle man needs to take a step back in the shadows, I say. Only problem with that is job cuts, and that doesn't help anybody...

JimmyJames702996d ago

Job cuts do not help anyone in the stores, but if removing boxes and shipping can help lower costs, then it has the potential to save developer jobs. I'd say it would help the consumer, but it's highly unlikely the price of the games would ever go down.

retrovertigo2996d ago

I agree about the digital downloads! As long as I can have some reassurance that what I buy will be mine, and I can redownload it whenever I want (within reason), then I'm all for it.

I sometimes still like to have the case and manual, and for $60 releases I think I'm still going to prefer that, but for smaller-sized titles like PSN and XBL releases, I think it's perfect!

JimmyJames702996d ago

When I recently upgraded my 360 HDD, I was able to go back and re-downloand all of the themes, extra content and DLC that I previously bought. There were no issues at all. I thought that was awesome.

I also agree that sometimes a manual is nice, but then again, I play with my iPhone by my side if I ever need help with a particular mission or puzzle or whatever. I can usually find more than I need online, which kinda makes manuals obsolete.

averyzoe2995d ago

I have a large extended family, and most of us are gamers. We like to pass the games around, which digital content doesn't allow.

JimmyJames702995d ago

I never thought of that. There should be a feature that allows for that. Some kind of family account.