Fable III Screenshots And Gameplay Details

Today Lionhead Studios sent out the first screenshots for upcoming RPG Fable III. They also gave some clues as to how the gameplay will change.

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Natsu X FairyTail2994d ago

this might piss some people off but I find it pretty funny.

heroprotagonist2994d ago

It looks nice. I love the art direction in the Fable games.

SL1M DADDY2994d ago

I was not expecting much of an improvement though since it has not been too long since the last game. It looks good and I am sure it will play great.

pwnzter2994d ago

I just hope they incorporate NATAL into the game mechanics in order to have the full experience of f3. Peter better stfu this time and not hype the game like he did 1 and 2.

Halo3 MLG Pro2994d ago

Love the Fable franchise. Another AAA title for 2010. This year is just bananas. :)

lelo2play2994d ago

Yep, Fable games are great. Fable 2 is one of the best RPG's this generation. As for the screens, Fable 3 is looking great.

GameGambits2994d ago

One of the best RPGs this gen? You must not play RPGs, you must not be an intelligent person, or you must be a 360 loyalist to the max, because Fable 2 was a SOLID turd of a game. If ever a game felt like the reviews were inflated or had been paid off by Msoft then this was it.

12 hours long...I got 900 Gamerscore out of 1000 for it in 12 hours.(That was one day of playing)

Weakest morality system ever. Horrible implimentation of it. No big dilemma choices. By eating veggi's I became good?

Story had NOTHING happen. RPG = narrative of epicness driven games. 12hrs of NOTHING.

RPG boss should be epic. Was there one in Fable 2? You just shot him. That's it. Talk about 100% fail.

Broken co-op. Fixed camera angles, can't import your character into others worlds to show off, and I had several laggy games.

Character customization was SO bad. All you could do was either look like a drunk hobo or look like a drunk pirate. Where is the armor? The crazy weaponary?

Combat was as casual as casual gets. Very repetitive and very easy. Few enemies, and no penalties for death if you could even happen to die since it was so easy.

The dog was so over hyped and so pointless, along as buggy. Multiple times it would tell me about a chest I was opening up as something he just found, even though I had been near it for a while and he didn't notice it at all.

Spells weren't epic, outfits weren't epic, and weapons were few and nothing to write home about.

All mini-games played the same way---hit A button. How dull and how unimaginative can you get ?

The 3 endings were all rubbish when you got them and none of them felt you had accomplished anything.

Good things? Voice acting, graphics of the actual world, and the end credits were done in a cool way.

I still fail to see how ANYONE with a brain on their shoulders could think Fable 2 is even CLOSE to a good game.

EvilCackle2994d ago

I wouldn't call Fable bad but I'd agree there are stronger RPG's out there. You really have to love all the sim aspects of the series to appreciate it, I think.

blue7xx72994d ago

Yeah I agree I love the franchise as well. But there are many haters out there. Anyways the game looks good better graphics then the first one hopefully it turns out good.

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ECM0NEY2994d ago

I was getting ready to disagree but man your points hit home for me. So for Fable 3 im just going to do what i do when it comes to crap movies. Tell myself how bad it is going to be. Then im pleasently surprised sometimes.

kydrice2994d ago

They need better looking character models because I swear between Fable games and Elder Scrolls games they share the prize in absolutely worst looking character models ever. It's as if every character in those two games all their models fell out of the ugly tree, hit every branch on the way down and the wind picked them up and they fell down every branch on every other ugly tree in the whole ugly forest. Their entire modeling team should of been fired on the spot and been forced to pay back all the money paid to them for such a crap job.

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