Molyneux: Fable 3 gore is unrestricted

CVG: Peter Molyneux today revealed that Lionhead put no restriction on the amount of gore in Fable III - and that it decided not to ensure the game was suitable for a 'teen' audience.

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Yi-Long2955d ago

... but ofcourse, we were promised the same things (being able to be a REAL evil dude, being able to kill children, etc etc) for the original Fable, so it's about time.

Also, it says the gore is mainly for those who follow the 'evil' path, which is a shame, cause even as a good guy, I still want to see blood spraying around everywhere when I chop down on baddies!

Also, some of the big criticismes on Fable 2, were it's difficulty (or lack of), and length (or lack of), so hopefully those criticismes will be adressed this time round.

Xi2955d ago

and only fallout, they even removed the feature from fallout 3.

but i agree with the rest. Also kotaku has some screens up, it's looking pretty decent

RememberThe3572955d ago

Screw the teens! Wee need more MAN games!