Uncharted 2: more details about Title Update 1.05

Naughty Dog: Yesterday's blog post about our Experimental Weekend results sparked quite a bit of debate in the comments and on the forums. That was not unexpected, especially when we have such a great, vocal multiplayer community. Changing some aspects of gameplay is never an easy consideration for us, nor is it something easy for the players to adapt to. I'm sure once Title Update 1.05 goes up, it will renew the debate. As always – we'll be reading closely and seeing how the multiplayer matches are playing out.

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BeaArthur3024d ago

Those sound like some good improvements. It's nice when developers actually care enough to fix the little things instead of only worrying about huge patch jobs.

WildArmed3023d ago

Awesome. I wonder what the blurred out option in the 1.05 update is?

Seems liek I'mma have to put down WKC for abit. Nearly done with my NG+!

ZBlacktt3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

They need damn maps more than anything. I had to stop playing because I couldn't take no more. Over 900 Co-Op matches alone on the same few maps. It became so pointless I mean 90,000 kills and 1300 deaths. Of those 1300 deaths, I'd say easily 300+ due to team killers. But a 67.0 K/D ratio for the past 5 months.