Valkyria Chronicles and MGS4 for $20 and ready for Trophy Patch

What a coicindence that both MGS4: Guns of the Patriots and Valkyria Chronicles for the PS3 are both at $20 this week, while rumors have it that a PS3 title will be receiving a trophy patch soon.

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Madis0072897d ago

I know Valkyria Chronicles is very good game but i never played it.
If Valkyria Chronicles gets trophy patch then i will buy this game for sure.

Chupa-Chupa2897d ago

I agree, if indeed it is Valkyria, I'm going to play the snot out of it.

thereapersson2897d ago

I think I remember reading that Kojima had no plans to implement Trophy support any time soon. I'm certain we'll see it in VC before MGS4...

Major_Tom2897d ago

This is a pretty big hint

Method2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I'll have to replay through it (VC) as well. Such a great game. It's a damn shame that they couldn't get the funds to make a true sequel.

pimpmaster2897d ago

there not getting a trophy patch, althought one for mgs would be awesome.

SL1M DADDY2897d ago

I would definitely buy them just to have the games for that cheap and now to have trophies, cool deal.

zootang2897d ago

Tom, you do realize that it was just about kojima's trophy cabinet in their studio?

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robotnik2897d ago

Finally, MGS4 trophies!

ButterToast2897d ago

please oh please let it be Valkyria Chronicle Trophies!!!

JD_Shadow2897d ago

IGN is backtracking, apparently, and saying that their comment was "misinterpreted". I would love to know WHAT they meant, because this is proving that maybe they may have let something slip that they shouldn't have.

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The story is too old to be commented.