Diehard GameFAN: Interview with Access Games on Deadly Premonition

Diehard GameFAN writes: "With so many major players in the horror game market, between Capcom's top-tier Resident Evil series, Konami's respectable-but-dwindling Silent Hill franchise, and EA's up-and-coming Dead Space series, among others, it can be hard for new developers to get their foot in the door with genre fans. Siren: Blood Curse and Condemned 2: Bloodshot were solid horror games, but even with large corporations behind them, their numbers weren't spectacular at the end of the day. Deadly Premonition, at first glance, isn't in a better position, as it lacks the big name backing of all of the aforementioned games, but it has managed to turn a few heads and generate some buzz. The weird and interesting promotional videos released for the game combined with the low release price have generated some positive press, and its Xbox 360 exclusivity certainly doesn't hurt any."

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