7 misguided lessons Final Fantasy VII never meant to teach you

Examiner: "When you're only 10-years-old and playing Final Fantasy VII for the first time, there's only so much you can take in. Even after subsequent playthroughs, it's impossible to register all the game's subtitles because the A.D.D-rattled brain of a child has barely developed beyond realizing that sticking metal objects in electric outlets usually yields a bad outcome.

Fast forward twelve years or so and you're playing Final Fantasy VII again through the PlayStation Network. Except now you begin to notice things that you didn't before. Important things like plot, character development, overarching themes and how absurdly enormous Tifa's boobs are. There's also a plethora of life lessons that can be derived from analyzing Final Fantasy VII.

Granted, Square-Enix would probably refuse to endorse any of these valuable (if somewhat misguided) lessons...and yet, they're there just waiting to be applied in the most inappropriate ways."

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tehk1w13054d ago

Tifa's boobs = the only important thing about Final Fantasy VII

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I like that Article!

You did a good job, keep it up!