TheiPhoneAppReview: Pidgey Review


Sometimes simple is good. Sometimes a clean interface can inspire greatness. This is not one of those times. Pidgey by iPhonky follows a "funky pigeon" on his quest to eat bugs and avoid the neighborhood vulture. Neither Pidgey nor Vinnie the Vulture ever flap their wings, the bugs are bigger than the cars, and following a minute or two of calm, cutesy music, you get startled out of your seat when Vinnie eats you and lets out an ear-splitting, screeching squawk!

Pidgey is a game that tries to sell itself on its eccentricity. It believes itself to have the power of cute on its side. The problem is that it just doesn't go cute enough. The eye-straining pastel colors and the lack of attention to any kind of pleasing aesthetic negates any kind of "cute" they may have otherwise generated.

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