New Ghost Recon to "change the playing field"

TVGB: ""Coming up with something that will change the way people play shooters together" is no easy task, yet that is exactly how Ubisoft Paris approached the development of the new Ghost Recon title that was announced yesterday, Ghost Recon Future Soldier."

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swiftshot932749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

I really cant see what else can be done in the FPS genre to change how we play them. Regardless, Im very excited. I guess we'll see something at E3.

wohoo2749d ago

Who knows, there may be plenty of those facepalm moments left for the developers to have :) Happens every once in a while.

swiftshot932749d ago

The industry is waiting for Half Life 3 to once again revolutionize the FPS genre...

thePatriot2749d ago

did you forget that MAG just came out While Im preety sure they wont go down that road, inovation is only limited by imagination. Lets all sing the imagination song :)

vhero2749d ago

Hmmm after GRAW2 I think they should nip the series in the bud and try something new...

Raf1k12749d ago

That's the problem. Too many in the industry wait for someone else to take a risk that may or may not pay off.

BeaArthur2749d ago

wiftshot93...GRAW isn't an FPS.

wohoo2749d ago

@BeaArthur. The PC versions were.

BeaArthur2749d ago

wohoo...I was talking about the most recent entries of this console generation. Yes, I know the original's were FPS.

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princejb1342749d ago

im starting to dislike ubisoft
they havent really impressed me this gen

wohoo2749d ago

Didn't like GRAWs, POP, R6Vegas games?

Rob Hornecker2749d ago

1st off I'm a huge fan of Ghost Recon/Graw and still consider them the best modern military sims out there. There was a big leap in game play from the xbox's summit strike to the 360's GRAW series. It added new weapons,game play and the drone,but never lost the fantastic use of teamwork to make a fun game to play. To me the online mutli-player is tops!

I will be looking forward to this new one with open arms and a icthy trigger finger. I don't think we will be disapointed.

I have had the new splinter cell on order for awhile now and can't wait to try the beta for GR/FW that will come with it!

BeaArthur2749d ago

Right there with you. I was a huge GRAW 2 fan and loved the teamwork that it inspired. Can't wait to see what they come up with.

MGOelite2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

invisabilty cloak for the loss...

divideby02749d ago

also a GRAW fan...just I dont see what they can do to change this game...
MAG just hands down changed what the shooters can do online, albeit it didnt deliver as much as I wanted but still raised the bar for online shooters.
I do want to see many more players in the next GRAW and larger maps.

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The story is too old to be commented.