Splinter Cell: Conviction - New X10 screens

Microsoft has released a number of SCC single-player screenshots at their X10 event.

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heroprotagonist3079d ago

It looks more than decent, it looks outstanding.

FragGen3079d ago

Wow... This is the first title in the last twelve months that actually makes me want to dust off my 360 and pony up for an exclusive. Keep up the good work. The delay looks like it was well worth it.

Projekt7tuning3079d ago

Im digging it. I like the franchise, and the visuals are looking pretty damned good to me. Looks fun. More money to spend this year. I swear with all the good games coming out for all the systems, it might just be cheaper to switch to crack for recreation LOL.

Alan-Wake 23079d ago

SCC truly Microsoft exclusives
IGN : Don't expect to see Sam Fisher on the PS3 anytime soon.
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Only 360 :)

mcnablejr3079d ago

They have already had the mag release, dont go too hard on them.

The real killer3079d ago

You are truly a 360 irritant fanboy with no commonsense.
This game will also come to the PC little kid.

DelbertGrady3079d ago

I have a feeling this game and Alan Wake will prove that the 360 is far from maxed out when it comes to visuals. So many great games. Too many. I'll have to sell my body to the night in order to get all of them. Being a hardcore gamer has its price... :(

hoops3079d ago

The only people saying the Xbox360 was maxxed out are Sony fanbys. Its the same nonesense last generation when Xbox fanboys said the PS2 was maxxed out and then GOD2 and FF12 came out.
To beleive a fanboy is to beleive in Santa Claus

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