IGN: Perfect Dark XBLA Hands-On

To see the game running at a searing 1080p that's matched by a near constant 60 frames per second (there's the occasional slowdown when the smoke effects come into play, but hey, it wouldn't be Perfect Dark if it run totally smoothly) is to see the game how it was intended, and it's a magnificent sight. Rare's eccentric vision, equal parts Bond, Philip K Dick and Mamoru Oshii, is served brilliantly, ensuring that despite its age it's still a handsome game.

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Mista T3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

I can't wait for this to come out!!! Perfect Dark remade and running at 60fps max!!! I have 2000 MS points saved up!!! (even though it'll probably end up costing 1200)

Edit: just read it and it's gonna cost just 800 MS points. that's a steal for what this game is gonna offer!!!!

dgroundwater3078d ago

800 freaking points!!! Oh my damn this is beyond a steal! Mr T is impressed guys and he punches sharks like it's nothing!