The Double Standard

GaggleGames talks about the double standard of most gamers and why it affects MAG. The "that game is on another console so I have to hate it" rule doesn't apply anymore as the author expressed his opinion of how people react to good exclusives on the other console.

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-Alpha3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

The fact of the matter is that the more games= the more options= the more variety= the more satisfied gamers.

People who play off games like Halo or MGS4 or MAG are just insecure about the game's greatness and the fact that they are successful games so they have to make the claim that nobody wants it.

Also, regarding the "360 owners dont want MAG" article: he doesn't necessarily argue that point. He just talks about the whole aspect of 256 against playing a more personal game of a few players.

I think his article was a response to the equally fanboyish arrogance PS3 fanboys had about MAG being the "new standard".

Some fanboys act as if the more players meant the better the game and tried to assert that Halo or COD was puny with it's 12-18 players.

It's completely laughable that people tried to assert this simply because the number of players signifies design choice, not evidence that one game is better than the other.

For example, I personally prefer the smaller games because I like having significance in a game and knowing a specific group of enemies. I can adapt to patterns and spend my match reacting to certain players, and it's a constant struggle of wits. I don't get that in bigger games like K2 or BC2 where the experience is more dynamic. Not saying it's random, but you wont expect to go after the same player who just killed you because you likely wont get to him before another player gets you.

It's all a matter of tastes. I like both concepts of big-player games vs. little-player games but I prefer the smaller player games, anywhere between 10-32.

Now, the article was trying to argue that 360 gamers are used to the 5 on 5 Gears or Halo, L4D, etc. Introducing 256 players would definitely not be within the comfort zone of average 360 shooter fans. Does that mean 360 fans don't want it? No. If you read his article you will see the title really doesn't state what the points do, and in the end I'm lead to believe that his specific article was simply titled to gain attention. This leads to the problem of readers judging the article by the title, which leads to even more confusion and ignorance.

Now, this article tries to ask a general question of "why do fanboys say they don't want game X". Well, they are fanboys, what do you expect them to say?

The 360/MAG article writer says he doesn't like games where there are more players. That's his right to say that and it's his opinion, but in no way should he have titled it "360 owners dont want MAG". He doesnt speak for all 360 owners. He could have easily titled it "I dont want MAG"

raztad3077d ago

How would you know a 256 player game is fun if you never try it? At least the concept of having a massive battle should be very appealing and intriguing. Instead people feels like downplaying the game, calling it "average" w/o giving it a fair chance or any at all. MAG provides diversity to a tired genre. Why to play ONLY 4x4, 5x5 9x9 matches? when you can play AS WELL 32x32, 64x64 and 128 x 128?

I'm glad 500K PS3 owners (including xbox owners that wanted the game and got a PS3 for it) didnt pay attention to ridiculous reviews of betas or 15 min worth of playtime. As we speak thousands are being killed or killing to get the job done in MAG.

DigitalAnalog3077d ago

I think the game will further mature within the next 2 months. I believe at that time, it would be the best to jump in with everybody else getting their acts straight. Eliminating the MW2 junkies/Rambo wannabe's and the like.

-End statement

VileAndVicious3077d ago

Lol I said the exact same thing in a post and got like 7 disagrees.I am a 360 owner and MAG was unlike anything Ive ever played before, it is a vastly different experience and should be praised for the feat it has accomplished. I know about 5 of my co-workers who have actually traded in their 360's just to get started up on MAG. So to say NO 360 consumer want it is just a stupid blanketed statement.
At the same time yes If MAG was a multiplat or exclusive the 360 community would praise it like the second coming.

Alpha Male I understand were your coming from and I respect your opinion but honestly dude the game is not confusing or chaotic at all trust me. You really have to play it to get a sense of the game and not believe everything you read in those reviews. 256 players is just one aspect of the game it is also a part of the atmosphere. teamwork is really the draw. Your squad of eight CAN be the deciding factor of a victory it happened with me and my clan plenty of times, we have single handedly turned the tide of battles in a matter of minutes. Your really doing yourself a diss service by not playing it. You should rent it.

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