Mass Effect 2's issues keep it from reaching greatness

Mass Effect 2 has had a lot of hype and clout surrounding it since it came out, and while it certainly is an above average title, it's not the game everyone seems to be making it out to me. Aside from the excellent storytelling, Mass Effect 2 has a lot that it needs to work on. Bioware did a decent job in listening to the complaints that the first title drew, so hopefully they can make part 3 the game that 1 and 2 should have been by listening to some of the things being said around the internet.

This is my personal list of things that I had issue with in Mass Effect 2. Hopefully at least some of them can be addressed for the third game in the series.

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Natsu X FairyTail2930d ago

pretty lame article when you read some of the points like

"Why isn't there any online?"

"The "X" button should NOT be used for skipping dialog AND picking the next thing Shepard says"

Major_Tom2930d ago

There are tons of issues that keep it from being great IMO, too many to list here but I've mentioned them again and again.

For example, they call this game an 'RPG'.


Myst2930d ago

"Why isn't there any online?"

God no...not every game that comes out needs to have an online mode, ME1 was fine without despite flaws and shortcomings it's story and game play was pretty fun. The same could be said for two, but if you want to get technical the game is online. Due to the sending data or whatnot to Bioware so that they can fix whatever problems arise.

"Dialog doesn't make sense at times"

The dialog option the author chose to start at does not paint the whole picture. Wilson was already showing signs of being one who may be causing trouble for the people of that station though you'd have to pay close attention to the dialogue.

"Continuity doesn't always jive"

Shepard's death was being covered up actually, but you know how when you tell one person, they will go on and tell another person who will continue to go on and tell another.

Honestly some of these arguments do not hold up much.

unchartedgoty2930d ago

piece of sh!t space shooter