Media Create hardware sales (2/1 - 2/7)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales figures from Japan.

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Valay2930d ago

Looks like the leak from yesterday was pretty reliable after all. This is a down week for sure.

Valay2930d ago

Okay, just looked up numbers a bit. The Wii hasn't sold under 40,000 since November 2009.

chrisnick2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

And people say japan doesn't matter. Even if the 360 outsells the ps3 by 50,000 or so every month, japan is the equalizer. It still outsells it there by at LEAST 80-100,000 monthly. That means whoever wins everything else pretty much gets it. You know, if you don't count nintendo.

Skip_Bayless2930d ago

Only the blind include nintendo.

LordMarius2930d ago

As you can see that 50k gap from Jan is easily depleted by Japan

Meryl2930d ago

not counting the obvious gap ps3 will have over x360 in Europe, it will be normal business this week as ps3 outsells the x360 WW once again.
the only thing people have left to cling on to for hope is NPD.

Hakimy2930d ago

yeah it's funny that 2 weeks sales of Japan can outsell the January sales gap of America.and this is for people who says Japan doesn't matter and that's why Microsoft doesn't give up and try so hard to win Japan.This doesn't mean that Sony should do nothing about NA market.if Sony really wants to close the gap between the xbox360 and ps3,then they should think of a way to win NA ;)

gameman2930d ago

we have seeing that the flop box having a hard time with the ps2 good luck with that micro

Claudinho692930d ago

lol only the pspgo is up from last week

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