Capcom Announces Mega Man 10 Details

Recently, Capcom has announced that Mega Man 10 will be released on Wii Ware March 1st, PlayStation Network March 11th, and Xbox Live March 31st. They also released a list of details concerning Mega Man's weapons, Challenge Mode, and Easy Mode, which you can find after the jump.

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Smacktard2744d ago

March 1st couldn't come any sooner :D

thewolf52744d ago

I love the old Mega Mans, I hope this is a return to that style.

Daver2744d ago

I would love a Mega man in Hi def full screen same style as the old ones or maybe more action i dont know

AWBrawler2744d ago

What does HD matter in a retro 8 bit megaman? You are brainwashed by the media. This HD fad is getting old fast.

Daver2744d ago

@ 2.1

wth are you talking about? i dont mind a retro game, i just wish i could play a full screen Hi def mega man game.. just shut up dude

RockmanII72744d ago

>:( If it wasn't for Perfect Dark coming out in March I would be REALLY pissed off

Seekerofthewind2744d ago

I'm so excited, can't way for 3/1.