Analysis of NPD Reports January 2010

The USA video game market declined year over year from January 2009, largely on lower amounts of hardware selling at lower prices. PS2 and PSP now look like they are nearly dead in the USA market.

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TheGameLlama3077d ago

LULZ PSP... Why do you FORCE us to hate you? You have the power to be amazing. :(

senseinobaka3077d ago

Aww... 2010 is the end of the PS2-confirmed!

keysy4203077d ago

i dont know about where you are btu where i am there are shoratages people have been asking me to find them ps3's

Conando3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

PS3 fanboys always need excuses. Was there a shortage of copies of MAG, too? LOL!

PimpHandHappy3077d ago

my buddy bought a PS3 and it took him a week to find one out by him... The Best Buy by me had them tho

shortages are for real but not like they couldn't be found without a bit of driving

Tony-A3077d ago

My friend from near Chicago couldn't find a 120GB PS3 Slim. He saw a couple of 250GBs, though.

My Best Buy had 3 left in the glass case thing and the only Gamestop had one Slim left.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3077d ago

"but but teh shortages" droids pull that out of their ass

Tony-A3077d ago

"but but teh in game chat makes XBL teh superiorz!"

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