NPD Instant Analysis: Things You Should Note

Kotaku writes: "Danger. You are at risk of discussing January's U.S. video game sales data without the proper analysis at the ready. Grab a marker and consider scribbling the following cheat-sheet notes on your hand.

Fact: The PlayStation 2 sold fewer than 42,000 copies in January

Possible Analysis
1) It's over for the old consoles, finally. People have moved on. Down from 333,000 PS2s in December and 200,000 PS2s in November, Sony's 2000 console is done with it's decade-long cycle because gamers are done with it. PS2, you haven't had a good new game on you since, what, Persona 4? That was more than a year ago.
2) The PS2 is just too expensive. $100 for a PS2? Really? This machine is ancient. Shouldn't it cost $50 by this point?
3) The PS2 is laying low, poised for a comeback as a digitally emulated console on the PS3, but you know, I'm just making that up."

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