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TGR: BioShock 2 Review

Sinan Kubba writes "The faint trickling of water. Blue neon flickers in the shadows. To your right, a garden of large coral glows crimson, overwhelming a decaying stairway. To your left, a silhouette standing tall with chest out, arms aloft, and judging all caught in its stony gaze. Above you, the decorative bronze that once flaunted freedom with pride is now overrun with a scrawling of Revelation 18:2 that shrieks out: "Fallen. Fallen is Babylon." In the darkness of a vent, a pair of small yellow eyes shine out, watching every one of your slow, uneasy steps into the horrors beyond. Welcome back to Rapture." (BioShock 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 8/10

SlamVanderhuge  +   2063d ago
Great review of, what seems to be, a great game
shoinan  +   2063d ago
I'm just glad
it lives up to the legacy. Disaster avoided.
cain141  +   2063d ago
Single player seems solid. The matchmaking on multiplayer could use some work...
TooTall19  +   2062d ago
I've had nothing but good things with matchmaking. If too many people leave your game just exit out and join a new one. You're in a match after a few seconds. I really like the multiplayer
mr durand pierre  +   2063d ago
Sounds good, but I can't seem to get as excited about this as I feel I should. Just looks like too much of the same, even if the original was quite good.

Then again, maybe with my lowered expectations I'll wind up pleasantly surprised. Fond though I was of the first, there was definitely room for improvement. Throw in a great ending and it'll make up for lack of innovation in the long run.
midi  +   2062d ago
I kinda feel the same way - I should be more excited about this game but I'm not so far. About 4 hours in or so. Will be finishing it this weekend.
BetaChris  +   2062d ago
Oh no, you *only* gave it an 8/10! (snicker) Kidding, of course - I agree wholeheartedly. It's a great sequel to one of my favorite Xbox 360 games of all time.
Krud  +   2062d ago
I haven't finished the first BioShock, so I'm reluctant to read the full review in case there are spoilers, but this introductory paragraph has me sorely tempted to risk any possible spoilage. ':D

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