PlayStation Store US Update 2/11/10

Grace Chen: Hi Everyone – It's time for the weekly PlayStation Store Update.

Be sure to check out the demo from the critically-acclaimed PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain, now available on the PlayStation Store. The demo features two full chapters from the game!

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Chris3992934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

We're up to what? 5-6 PSP game digital downloads for the new year so far? Yes there are licencing issues, but I can't fathom how difficult it is to get companies to hock their wares on the PSN. Especially considering that the pirates have UMD rips up and about on torrent sites usually weeks before release; a reasonable mind would want to stem the flow of piracy with legal digital copies. Not to mention that there is an enormous, existing portion of the PSP library that could be uploaded and sold over the PSN - titles which are no longer available or in production. Priced right ($14.99 and under) they would sell reasonably well. This seems like easy profit, as the used copies floating around in stores atm aren't giving the publishers squat.

Very happy with every aspect of my Go except for the paucity of content.

The Heavy Rain demo is pretty intense though. Wow, wasn't expecting that at all. It's a really unique experience.

Saaking2934d ago

Just finished the demo and I can say that it's better than I expected! Awesome.

GameGambits2934d ago

I'm glad I have my PSP 3000. I really felt the Go was more or less a beta test of hardware/digital downloads as the only way to get games. I just prefer having the hard copies of games for a 1 major reason---I do a lot of trade ins and ebay selling. It's nice to be able to get some money back on games that collect dust otherwise.

If digital downloading was CHEAPER than retail I would have had no qualms about the GO!, but for now my 3000 is the best bet for money saving tactics as a gamer.(With how big 2010 is for gaming, and the awesome games PSP is getting, it's def. worth it to save up every red cent you can here and there to play it all.) :D

Heavy Rain demo. I played it for a bit back at my friend who has been hard for this game since announcement. I am, and still am, an avid hater of Indigo Prophecy, and David Cage. HOWEVER... let's just say Heavy Rain is a game you have to play for yourself, because seeing it in action at your buddies does not do it justice.

After a lot of demo plays today... I'm convinced. Heavy Rain is something I look forward to buying on Feb 23rd. :)

ryano232772934d ago

After playing through the 1st few minutes, I can easily say that this game has been what I've wanted from video games.

After then playing through the action sequence, this game is a Contender for GOTY.

After then doing the final bit of the demo, damn 2 weeks away from getting a special video game.

Make room my top 10 - Heavy Rain is COMING!!!!!

ReservoirDog3162934d ago

Anyone know what the Valkyria Chronicles "Valkyria Chronicles “Love Conquers All” Bundle ($9.99)" is?

It's kinda vague.

hatchimatchi2934d ago

Man, I feel exactly the same and I was gonna make the exact same post.

I am so sick and tired of waiting for psp games to be released. I enjoy the psp go but i'm really starting to regret my decision in buying it.

Actually now that I think about it, F**K the psp go. Why in the hell did I buy this thing? For some crazy reason I thought sony would actually support it by bringing forth the back catalog onto the psn but instead we get 2 releases a week & most of the time it's games that no one wants.

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PHOSADRA2934d ago

Gotta try it out. The reason I got a ps3 was for the variety of games so I can't miss out on this.

jack_burt0n2934d ago

wow trine for 9.99 go buy it now you fools!! its got a platinum trophy too!!!!

Infernostew2934d ago

I've been holding off getting the game since I knew it was gonna be on sale sometime down the road. Downloading it now!

Myst2934d ago

Was a nice way to end what was an utterly horrible day. Though it did get better seeing that I don't have to work Sunday!

Anyway that Demo was fun, even though I only played the beginning and then the second part with that lady before I stopped. That was truly all I needed to play to confirm for myself that this will truly be a great game. Now, that I got that off my chest I'm ticked off at QuanticDream why did they push the release date back at least a week :(. We could have Heavy Rain next week had it not been for that week push back!

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