The Office Podcast: Is Mass Effect 2 A System Seller?

Gary A Swaby of writes: Welcome to a special episode of The Office, on The Koalition. Once Major Nelson tweeted those NPD numbers on Twitter, it sparked an argument in our office. Which lead to this podcast.

Basically I (Gary A Swaby) said that the Xbox 360 was obviously going to outsell the PS3 in January, because Mass Effect 2 came out. But then Edward V interjected by saying that Mass Effect 2 is not a system seller, suggesting that 360 would have outsold PS3 without it.

Take a listen as we debate on the issue for 20 minutes, and then leave your own personal opinions on the issue either in the comments or in our forum.

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we won2934d ago

Who cares the real impact of ME2 will be in FEB's numbers.

htownplaya2934d ago

It sold well, but it is NOT a system seller