IGN: Gamer Memories: Losing My PlayStation Virginity

IGN writes: "At IGN, we're a lot of things. Nerds, douches, Achievement whores, over-raters, under-raters, and so much more, but at our core, we are gamers. Each and every one of us has a brain filled with cherished memories that revolve around our hobby. Unwrapping a Nintendo Entertainment System on Christmas morning, beating Streets of Rage with a pal, desperately trying to get Lara Croft's nude code to work – you get the idea. Before all of us who lived the adventure drift into a senile state and forget, IGN thought it would assemble those stories in an ongoing feature called "Gamer Memories."

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Evildoomnerd2902d ago

I remember my first exposure to the PS1 was around January 1997 over at my best friends house, and he was showing off this tech demo disk involving bees, a japanese lady applying makeup, and a 3D model of a T-Rex. I also had a blast playing Tekken and Hi-Octane, even though I always got my ass handed to me. In November of '98, I got my own PS1 for my 13th Birthday/Christmas gift with Megaman Legends as my first game and was wowed, followed by Resident Evil 2 which cemented my love for the survival-horror genre. Still works too!