NPD: Microsoft says January was a "great kick-off" to 2010

VG247: Microsoft has responded to tonight's NPD figures, and called it "a great kick off for what is slated to be the biggest – and best – year in Xbox history".

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Nomad3602933d ago

and the Xbox brand,can't wait for Alan Wake,Fable 3 and Halo Reach.

This year will be great for 360 owners.

Mo0eY2933d ago

And it only took 16 months.

-Alpha2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Very impressive 2010 for both consoles.

MS also beat out Sony in terms of sales for January which only proves that the "PS3 will outsell 360" prophecy isn't set in stone.

I expect this to be a big year for 360. Natal and Halo Reach are going to be the biggest things for MS, and Reach itself is going to be the biggest game this year considering it's the first proper Halo game since #3 and we all know how big that game still is.

Both consoles are getting amazing games and I honestly can't tell you which is the one with the better lineup this year.

The real wild card is that Sony and MS both have a few secret games up their sleeves so 2010 can go either way.

Bottom line is that this year is already going to be better than last year.