IGN: Halo: Reach First Look

This will be a darker tale than what most Halo fans are accustomed to, even setting out to make Halo 3: ODST look like a walk in the park. That is because it is a prequel to the Halo trilogy, set on the planet Reach. This colony is the center of humankind's military might, the birthplace of the Spartan program, and the home to over 700 million civilians. "We want people to understand that there's a real living breathing culture to this planet," said Lehto as he scrolled past some concept art of houses and living spaces.

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Another One2962d ago

Vidoc tonight or tomorrow morning. Hopefully some gameplay in that.

Saaking2962d ago

I just want a good, epic Single Player. I know for a fact that Bungie won't let us down in the multiplayer or gameplay; however, the story is where their weakness is. So far, it looks like they are going to succeed in all areas.

Blaze9292962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

12AM PST/3AM EST it should be on

@Saaking, give it up. You're becoming as see-through and bad as Bungie (the user...not the company)

lowcarb2962d ago

If your name wasn't Saaking I would give you an agree plus a bubble for that comment. Next time post under a different account.

back on topic: Hoping to see some footage soon.

execution172962d ago

probably be the first halo game i'll buy...never owned the first xbox just played both games with my bro in law, and halo 3 borrowed from my bro was ok i guess, and ODST didn't bother since it was way over priced, but this i'm possibly going to buy just because its more fun fighting the elites then fighting along side them

Bungie2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

tomorrow you'll see the Vidoc

it'll have gameplay

Megaton2962d ago

It's the first Halo game I'm interested in pre-launch. Curious to see some live footage.

KingKiff2962d ago

lowcarb & Blaze929 why are you giving Saaking sh!t???

His comment was not flame bait just his valid opinion, which makes sense to me...

The last 2 Halo games had a very weak single player story..

I personally would like to see a more adult halo experience this time round.

starchild2962d ago

ODST had a great story, so I don't know what you are talking about. I also love that they got several of the actors from the Firefly tv series to do the voice work for the game. ODST had probably the best campaign since Combat Evolved.

Halo Reach is going to be epic. I can't wait to see more.

kaveti66162962d ago

Ease up on saaking. I thought Halo 3's story was lame. I mean, I wanted there to be a divergence between the Arbiter and Master Chief, like in Halo 2. That way, we could get more facets of the story. Unfortunately, other fans were somewhat offended that they had to play as the Arbiter for Halo 2, so Bungie removed that mechanic. And Halo 3's single player suffered because of it, in my opinion,

A Cupcake for Gabe2962d ago

At all who hate on Saaking....

Halo 3's/ODST's Stories were pretty weak.

On REACH: I want a major change. Not just visually but in gameplay and story. Halo's seem to carbon copy themselves each title. I hope Bungie breaks the mold and really blows us away.

Beefstew4u2962d ago

@the above people talking about ODST's story:

implying ODST isn't a $60 expansion that should have only been about $15-20

I seriously laugh at all of my friends that bought it.

Back on topic, if the game looks as good as these screenshots, it'll be pretty nice. But they're probably doctored considering they're 1080p and most have flawless AA. Textures seem to be about the same quality as Halo 3, but it seems like the really love using bump-mapping since just about every texture uses it. The lighting ain't so great but the draw distance is quite far (but distant objects are hidden by heavy fog). Like in 3, the character models are fairly simple but incredibly detailed when looking close-up.

Doesn't really look like they used a new engine, just improved the old one.

Doesn't matter what the graphics are like though, day one purchase for me =).

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Natsu X FairyTail2962d ago

lol lowcarb your comment made me laught.

topic: I've read a couple 1st impression from about 3 sites and they all had positive things to say about the game.

hazardman2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

He knows that Halo:Reach is shaping up to be something special..He knows that when this game comes out..It will be about Halo all day everyday!! Game looks good..We need some Hiro Nakumura powers and teleport to release date..

1PC2PS333602962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

they get rid of all those jaggies!!! Dam those made me sick. I loved Halo3 OG (original gamester), odst ( Operation Destroy Story Timeline)....ploop......what a waste of 60 bucks...returned it and got my money back....gotta love walmart. I hated the graphics in halo 3, but I loved the gameplay...if the can bring Reach together as a smooth polished experience, I'll be super pleased. Please 4x anti aliasing MINIMUM. Pleaseee.

starchild2962d ago

Your fanboy is showing.

Seriously though, how can you act like Halo 3 was a bad looking game? The textures were good and the HDR lighting is some of the best around. The lack of anti-aliasing was the biggest thing that hurt it, but Bungie have already said that Halo Reach will have anti-aliasing.

As for expecting 4x MSAA, that is a bit ridiculous. Very few graphically advanced games support 4x MSAA on consoles. Killzone 2 doesn't have it. Gears of War 2 doesn't have it. Uncharted 2 doesn't have it. Assassin's Creed 2 doesn't have it. Well, I'm sure you get my point. 2x MSAA would be a more reasonable expectation.

life doomer2962d ago

I'm a big ps3 fan and i still hate saaking, he is the ps3 fanboy version of bungie. If only he liked both consoles equally. He also contradicts to what he says and it's making himself look fake.

KingKiff2962d ago

So he can't say anything negatice about Halo with out being branded a fanboy or looking to flamebait??

You peopel make me sick...

Halo is not PERFECT!!!

I hope they improve on previous mistakes this time round.

Saaking your comments are not at all fanboyism don't listen to these "bots" keep up the challanging debate mate

lowcarb2962d ago

Were just having a good laugh at you that's all.

starchild2962d ago

Then I guess Bungie is also just "keeping up the challenging debate" and doesn't deserve all the hate you PS3 fanboys give him.

Double standards FTL.

KingKiff2962d ago

I am only KingKiff and thats it...

Multi acounts are for wankers, who agree with them selves...

I'm just stopping the fanboys from bashing peoples comments for no reason...

KingKiff2962d ago

Bungie is a tool alot of the time.

I find Saaking's comments to be informing most of the time and haven't come accross flamebait commentas in a while.

Again I am not him I am me and only me...

PM if you want

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