NIER is not just a hack and slash title writes: Square Enix is known for games that are not only fairly deep in terms of storyline, but also graphically impressive. NIER is about to add another element to the mix - one in which the titular character, Nier, has a life with pastimes that can affect elements in the game. Ok, Nier does a fair amount of hacking and slashing, but when the day is done he goes home to his daughter and home.

Perhaps this quote, from GameZone's exclusive interview with Square Enix USA sums it up best:

"NIER won't be defined by having the best graphics, like some other games. NIER won't be defined by having a catchy gameplay gimmick like some other games. NIER will be defined by its ability to engage you in an amazing story, to draw you close to Nier and Yonah, and to keep you guessing the entire time you play."

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Kyrwolf2928d ago

Looks like some interesting dynamics.

Chris3992928d ago

How's that for innovation?

Chicks with d!cks aside, I will be getting this as it's from Cavia - developers of my beloved Drakengard series.

Hellsvacancy2927d ago

Its not a fishin game aswel is it?

MajesticBeast2927d ago

More crappy Square enix games no thank you Yoichi wada gtfo you are turning SE into the titanic.