Molyneux reveals Fable III news that would get us "super p*ssed off"

The Lost Gamer writes; The internet has been a hive of activity the past week since Peter Molyneux revealed that a design decision regarding Fable III would upset fans of the previous titles. "They're going to get super pissed off, they really are," he stated, before stating it was "absolutely the right thing to do."

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blue7xx72930d ago

Is that it?? Why would anyone be pissed off about that. For me it's actually a good thing.

PandemicPrawn02930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Getting rid of things like health bars and other HUD clutter makes for a better experience in my opinion.

I remember one of EA's Fight Night titles doing the same thing, you had to look for visual clues that your fighter was getting tired.

I like it.

bioshock12212930d ago

Exactly its a good thing I liked it in Gears of war instead of a health bar taking up space on screen the screen just turns red when you are dying.

Digitaldude2930d ago

Why are all wRPGS becoming less RPGish...

Natsu X FairyTail2930d ago

"super p*ssed off" Because they dint show any Gameplay!!!!!!

callahan092930d ago

Don't know why this would piss me off, that sounds excellent, the only complaints I had about Fable 2 were the boring minigames for making money could have been more entertaining and less monotonous, and the clunky-ass menus and presentation in general. Fable 3 is going to be awesome!

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Raf1k12930d ago

It's not that big a deal as I expected. This guy over exagerates everything about his games.

Baka-akaB2930d ago

Well i am "pissed" but hardly for the reason he thinks .

I am "pissed" because as usual and a bad habit from Molyneux , he talks to much and hype features that often he didnt really invent , but rzther put a spin on .

Why the hell would i care about not seeing anymore the health bar in an already (over)simplified action rpg ?

IdleLeeSiuLung2930d ago

If Molyneux instead had said nothing, you would be pissed!

darkmurder2930d ago

Is it the fact he'll run his mouth and again not deliver what he says he will?

ProjectVulcan2930d ago

Peter molyneux commenting on his own games?

*Puts fingers in ears*

Da da, da da da da da, Da da, da da da da da, Da da da da da da

execution172930d ago

only playable with Natal :O which is lame cause i don't want to buy it so my gf can play fable 3

JonnyBadfinger2930d ago

Exactly... He may make great games, but the man is an attention seeking turd.

As long as the health regeneration graphics dont cover up to much of the screen like some games, there is nothing worse than being near death and trying to run for cover when you cant see where it is your going because of all the blood on the screen.

Good or bad idea... hard to say with a RPG, but it works for Mass Effect, but then that more a shooter.

N4Flamers2930d ago

ok this isnt new to games, and fable is such an easy game to play not to mention beat I never check my health.

why the hell is he so obsessed with people changing clothes. In the first one the plate gave you the best bonuses and looked the coolest. in the second one once i got my armor thats what i stuck with. I think if they would have had some cooler variety of clothes I would have been tempted to move. Why did he complain about the clothing giving you bonuses being the reason people only wore plate then not change it for the sequel.

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Mildrop2930d ago

Seems like a cool thing to do but I am sure the purists will get a bit annoyed.

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-MD-2930d ago

That sounds good to me lol, I figured it was going to be a Natal exclusive or something.

Good news.

xaviertooth2930d ago

seeing that face really pisses off!

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