IGN: Final Fantasy XIII: 'Now I'm Excited'

IGN recently had the opportunity to play Final Fantasy XIII in a much quieter, more controlled environment where they could more leisurely experiment with and explore the game's many subsystems. It was during this demo that the game's battle system finally clicked.

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IGN have the amazing power to influence in their words a lot of kids.

Anyway, I will get FFXIII for sure.

DeckUKold3050d ago

Have been a real target for hate only on this site. But, there is no denying that this is the best graphics I have seen since Crysis

Son_Lee3050d ago

I've been excited since 2006.

kvg883050d ago

for less content than a final fantasy game should have?

3sq3050d ago

ME: Final Fantasy XIII: 'Now I'm not Excited' Fixed