Crackdown 2 looks hot, as does its box art

Destructoid writes: With a slew of release dates being revealed at X10 and Crackdown 2 one of the few games not included, I was more than a little bummed out. But then, approximately five seconds later, a ton of new screenshots -- including the cover art -- was sent out. Oh joy!

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nogolis2957d ago

Hot As in, like a turd that just came from out the ass... Yeah.

LordMarius2957d ago

your comment are truly polarizing

SoX FireBlade2957d ago

I hope this game will be better than the first one

the box art looks great though !

blue7xx72957d ago

Yeah I agree that box art is pretty bad ass. I hope they announce a release date. Im guessing its coming out sometime in june.

Natsu X FairyTail2957d ago

I was a little bit Worried with the Graphics for the game but After watching some of the Screens I'm starting to understand the direction they have taken for the sequel and I can say that I'm very pleased.

This looks like a Comic Book right there

Hisiru2957d ago

My only problem with Crackdown 2 is that they won't use gangs, now they will use infected people. :(

But this game looks awesome anyway and the box art is really good.

lowcarb2957d ago

Game looks really good. 1st was great but this may feel much bigger and badder.

Major_Tom2956d ago

It's not the same developers, unlikely it will succeed the first.

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xaviertooth2957d ago

oh it's destructoid! i thought it's true when i read the title. nvermind.

QuantumWake2957d ago

I'm pretty sure that boxart has been up on for quite a while now.

Anyways, can't wait to play Crackdown 2! I hope Ruffian/Microsoft releases a demo like they did with the first one. Great job MS/Ruffian! Happy Gaming! Cheers!! :D

Somnipotent2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

badass box art ruined by horrible green box.

- seriously, dude, you really don't think that the green box doesn't clash with the art? you need to have your eyes checked.

jdktech20102957d ago

If you honestly think a shrunk down box looks good, then you need your eyes checked......more space means a larger and better picture....why would they do something like that?

See what I did there?

By the way, completely pointless comments should exit to the right into the open zone where that's all there are....pointless comments that have nothing to do with the actual game

my take on it anyway

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The story is too old to be commented.