Dead Rising 2: Case Zero [360 Exclusive] Details Revealed

Along with the Dead Rising 2 release date announcement, Capcom also announces the exclusivity of Dead Rising 2: Case Zero for the XBOX 360 via XBOX Live.

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BigKev453080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

"One more for the good guys"

JokesOnYou3080d ago

Give a year and it might come late to the party on the ps3. Oh well I don't care its just good to know micro continues to get great 3rd party support, I guess they can afford it since they don't spend alot of money paying so many in-house studio's light bills. lol


-MD-3080d ago

Nice snag Microsoft well done, will be enjoying this.

MightyMark4273080d ago

Yea, I wonder if the game is only timed exclusive?

El_Colombiano3080d ago

It will come to PSN (sigh)

MightyMark4273080d ago

I am guessing that this only a timed exclusive just like the other DLCs out there.

-MD-3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Highly doubt it's timed, you PS3 gamers never played the original so why would you care about a prologue that bridges the first game to the second?

Completely pointless.

Carl14123080d ago

...BECAUSE it's a prologue maybe?

-MD-3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Dead Rising: CASE ZERO an exclusive download only on Xbox LIVE, will launch prior to the full game and provide a playable prologue that bridges the story between the two titles.

Prologue, not prequel.

Edit: Nice edit bro.

Carl14123080d ago

Sorry mate, genuine typing error there. I thought i got there before anyone noticed ;)

baum3080d ago

If PS3 owners don't care about this, then why would this be a "snag"? It would be in Capcom's best interest to keep it exclusive if PS3 owners really didn't care as you said, so there would be nothing to snag there. So either you're wrong one way (and PS3 owners do care, i.e. there's a market there for capcom), or... you're wrong the other way (by Microsoft not snagging anything).

Children. *sigh*

-MD-3080d ago

There goes Baum trying really hard to sound intelligent.

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xaviertooth3080d ago

timed exclusive folks! we knew it.

-MD-3080d ago

Why would it be timed? You didn't play the first one so why would you even care?

Thought so.

damnightmare3080d ago

Probably because GTA DLC and Fallout DLC weren't exclusive.

MW2 DLC is also timed exclusive.

Just saying...

Stryfeno23080d ago

and people wonder why its call the Waitstation 3.

xaviertooth3080d ago

i have a friend at capcom, microsoft paid for it to be developed but will also be on ps3.

so thanks microsoft.

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The story is too old to be commented.