Xbox 360 FF13 'exclusive DLC' is confirmed as Avatar Items

STORY UPDATE: Square Enix have confirmed to UFFSite that the 'Exclusive DLC' mentioned in Microsoft's Press Release refers to some exclusive downloadable Avatar Items, items and clothes for use with Microsoft's Avatar system.

Xbox 360 FF13 bundle confirmed, includes 'exclusive DLC'

Square Enix and Microsoft have confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII will be bundled with the Xbox 360 console in North America in a special deal.

The deal will include an Xbox 360 Console with 250 gigabytes of hard drive space and a copy of FF13. In addition to this, the bundle will also come packed with 2 wireless controllers, all the extras you'd expect in the Elite version of the 360 and, most interesting of all "exclusive downloadable content" for the game.

It's currently unknown what the downloadable content will be, but we'll ping Square Enix and see if we can get some answers.

The 360 previously had an exclusive Chocobo "pet" download, for use with the console's built in Avatars.

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xaviertooth2748d ago

DLC = 360 diskspace limitation. live with it folks.

-MD-2748d ago

Look at you go! Haha you're so pissed!

texaswolfsrain2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Even Home has its FF13 character Avatars, and Sony isn't making a big deal of

NateNater2748d ago

Exclusive DLC? Probably nothing big.

I'll be getting the PS3 version though because I don't own a 360. But, even if I had a 360 I'd probably still want the PS3 version anyway.

sinncross2748d ago

yeah just avatar items. Nice novelty but nothing overly important.

Rampant2748d ago

Exclusive DLC refers to Exclusive DLC. Shocker!

Stay tuned for more...

Megaton2748d ago

Nice touch, Microsoft. Calling it "exclusive DLC". Anything to give the illusion of superiority.

Parapraxis2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

...couldn't fit it on the disc(s)?

@ JokesOnYou...
Read much?

JokesOnYou2748d ago

"It's currently unknown what the downloadable content will be, but we'll ping Square Enix and see if we can get some answers."

So how do you guys know what the DLC is already?, I'm sure it won't be anything big but you guys sound, relax guys we all know no matter what it is it will end up on ps3 after you wait a year anyway. lmfao


ThanatosDMC2748d ago

I thought SE said there wouldnt be DLC for FF13? I wonder what happened... /s

blind-reaper2748d ago

lol that picture is PRICELESS!!

vulcanproject2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Classic microsoft behaviour, trying to win the console wars with multi titles, and constantly trying to pay off publishers for exclusive DLC no matter how insignificant. Frankly i think its a seriously poor tactic and hope it bites them in the ass.

Shang-Long2748d ago

avatar items < PS Home Space

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Another dlc.

Looks like DLC is the only hope on Xbox.

That dlc doesn't even improve in game.

execution172748d ago

i thought it was going to be something big but no i was mistaken

PS3Freak2748d ago

Haha, hope they enjoy that.

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bioshock12212748d ago

Oh its just avatar items then I really don't care then I thought it was in game content.

MajestieBeast2748d ago

if it was exclusive content then 2million Japanese people would curse Se forever.

jackdoe2748d ago

Lol and Wada would be ousted for throwing away 2 million potential DLC sales in Japan.

xaviertooth2748d ago

damn! even avatar cannot fit into DVD. lame!

2748d ago