Three new Halo: Reach Screens Released

onPause Writes: "Along with the announcement of when Halo: Reach beta will start Bungie has also released three brand new screenshots."

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BigKev452989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

How about a gameplay video, Bungie?

RonyDean2989d ago

One is coming later today from what I know. onPause will post it once its released!

N4PS3G2989d ago

There's a ViDoc coming tomorrow. Lets hope someone will leak it today!

Dance2989d ago

Beta is just around the corner

SilentNegotiator2989d ago

Please don't tell me Halo still isn't going to jump up to 720p....

Bigpappy2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

The details are all there and every thing is nice and sharp. Still, too early to get excited.

DelbertGrady2989d ago

If you play FPS games based on their looks & resolution you should get Crysis for PC. I'm not that impressed by these screenshots from a graphics standpoint but that's not why I like Halo. The only important graphics factor imo is the framerate.

SilentNegotiator2989d ago

No reason we can't have both. You'd think the 360's "Supreme" GPU could handle it.

u got owned2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

I must say this screenshots look pretty impressive, taking into account that Halo does have split screen, 4 player campaign coop over live and a bunch of Ai running around with terrain vehicle as well as air vehicles. I'm pretty impressed with the amount of details put into this game. Bungie has done it again.

Bungie has the screens in higher resolution

ABizzel12989d ago

This is really starting to look good. Halo has always had color, but this is just the most color I've seen in a FPS this gen.

So far the graphics for this game is a solid 9/10 and they still have time to bump them up even more.

SilentNegotiator2989d ago

"Bungie has the screens in higher resolution"

Pre-rendered 1080p. yeah.

ATi_Elite2989d ago

The Screen shots look good. Very Sharp.
I love the colors.
but wait....... what's this.......

1024 X 576 That's NOT HD.

but if they continue on this path the game should look great.

JokesOnYou2989d ago

Reach is looking pretty damm good. Its going to be a long wait for this beast.


Twilightx72989d ago

I'm sorry, do you really think that Bungie would put up "prerendered" 1080p screens, while providing these external sites with 1024x576 versions of the same screens as if they were the real resolution? That makes absolutely zero sense. Even Halo 3 was higher res than 1024x576 - as with previously released assets for Reach, it's more than likely that websites are receiving lower res versions of the media, while Bungie keeps the higher res media on their own site. Even previous screens were 720p - the resolution that I'm assuming Reach will be released in.

tuglu_pati2989d ago

Looking good. Video please.

xenogamer2989d ago

posted some effing awesome screens of reach on neogaf, it seems like they added grass to the flat green and brown texture of the ground really makes it pop, it looks gritty, I CANT WAIT, they also showed a multiplayer map that has a highground feel to it, really awesome stuff, man fall cant come soon ENOUGH!!

FlipMode2989d ago

Cant say bungie didn't disappoint those people who thought this was going to have amazing graphics after all that talk about complete new engine.

starchild2989d ago

Looks gorgeous. It has an almost painterly feel about it. I can't wait for this game.

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RonyDean2989d ago

These screens look amazing! I can not wait to try the beta!!!

Tiberium2989d ago

much better than the pre-alpha stuff.

blue7xx72989d ago

Wow screens look great definitely an improvement over Halo 3 or ODST

Tiberium2989d ago

They are. I'm glad they didn't go gears of war and wash out the color.

Munky2989d ago

Not as gritty looking as I hoped it would be, still looks very similar to H3 to me. Maybe it's not such a bad thing, Bungie's work has always had that super clean look (objects seem brand new, a absence of wear and tear, very straight clean lines) almost to a fault. But being a pretty big Halo fan, I still have faith that Reach will be awesome, it may not turn out be the graphical powerhouse many of us are hoping for, but in the end I know the game will be an amazing gaming experience.

SixZeroFour2989d ago

keep in mind that this is prolly part of the demo/beta campaign being released on may and most likely the early levels of REACH...they said that we will basically see the destruction of reach, so i expect your "gritty" level design near the end of the game, which they arent showing

Xi2989d ago

I want to see the game in motion.

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