10 Things you need to know from X10

* The Halo Reach multiplayer beta will kick off on May 3. You will be able to access the beta via the Halo 3: ODST game disc.
* Dead Rising 2 will release in North America on Aug. 31, Japan on Sept. 2 and Europe on Sept. 3.
* Dead Rising: CASE ZERO an exclusive download only on Xbox LIVE, will launch prior to the full game and provide a playable prologue that bridges the story between the two titles.
* Alan Wake will launch May 18 in North America and May 21 in Europe. Players can pre-order the title to receive the Bright Falls Bonus Pack, which includes exclusive content like Avatar gear, an Xbox LIVE theme, and a "making of" video.
* The Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition Bundle will release starting March 9 for $399, and include a 250GB Hard Drive, two Wireless Controllers, exclusive downloadable content and a Standard Edition copy of the game.
* Toy Soldiers will kick off the Xbox LIVE Arcade Block Party on March 3
* Perfect Dark, Scrap Metal and Game Room will launch this March as a part of the Xbox LIVE Arcade Block Party.
* Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction will release at retailers starting April 13 in North America, April 16 in the United Kingdom, and April 28 in Japan.
* Lost Planet 2 will launch in North America and Europe on May 18.
* Fable III will be available this holiday.

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Bluemaster772991d ago

This is some decent news but from where is it coming ? i cant find coverage

Rockox2991d ago

Head explodes.

The Dead Rising prologue sounds kinda cool, though dumb that it's an exclusive download.

Immortal Kaim2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Oh no, some people are going to be p*ssed...Exclusive Downloadable content for FFXIII? Wonder if it's only if you buy the bundle or if it will be available to purchase from XBL? Also I wonder what it is?

I'm getting the PS3 version, so I hope it isn't anything too significant...

EDIT: Thanks Jackdoe for clarifying that for me...I'm relieved now. I think that bundle could have actually done quite well if it was a branded console.

jackdoe2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

My money is on avatar items. The PS3 version has Home items after all. And Square-Enix isn't stupid enough to give exclusive DLC to the 360 and leave behind nearly 2 million Japanese PS3 owners in the dust. Or are they?

What do you know, it is avatar items:

blu_yu_away2991d ago

Meh this is all fine and well but get to the juicy stuff!

Megaton2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Hah, exclusive FFXIII DLC for 360. So much for "no DLC". SquareEnix is trash.

Edit - LolAvatars...

...though I still stand by my original statement of "SquareEnix is trash".

Bundle being official likely means FFXIII will only be advertised for 360 as well. That seems to be the package deal they work out for certain multiplats, like Resident Evil 5 and Modern Warfare 2.

DailyAddict2991d ago

Major Nelson is really trying to confuse people with the FFXIII deal by saying "exclusive downloadable content" and I think he's doing it on purpose. According to the 'actual' press release the game will have exclusive AVATAR downloads and not game content as in DLC. Don't take this for something it's not.

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bioshock12212991d ago

That sucks Lost Planet 2 and Alan Wake being released on the same day. As for the Final Fantasy 13 exclusive download is it only if you by the special bundle or can you buy it on xbox live as well??

jackdoe2991d ago

Avatar items will probably be made available to people who want to buy it. Eventually I suppose.

Bnet3432991d ago

Nice round-up of announcements. I didn't see the Dead Rising 2 DLC coming, but I'm not sold on the game just yet. I'm not fond of Capcom letting western devs handle their games. We already seen how bad things have turned out with Dark Void and Bionic Commando.

blue7xx72991d ago

Yeah same here Capcom should make all their games in house they are some of the best developers. Why ruin their games by outsourcing them to not so great developers. Im excited for Splinter Cell conviction. Hopefully some crackdown 2 news come out of this event.

divideby02991d ago

I so much rather these companys NOT drop hints...and just surprise...since most cases the anticipation is a let down in the long run...

dtrain212991d ago

The END of PS3 in 2010. Join us droids....I promise to welcome you with open arms and then b!tch slap you to go back

peeps2991d ago

? this doesn't tell us about any new games, just when games we know about will officially be releasing

Lord_Ranos2991d ago

Bot stupidtity at its finest.

tinybigman2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

but the only games i have or am getting on my 360 this year is

bioshock 2(since i started on 360 might as well continue it there)
splinter cell
mass effect 2
crackdown 2(hopefully it isnt ruined with the new look)
oh and i get/got them all for free and i think you know how :)

btw my ps3 purchases looks like this
god of war 3
white knight chronicles (dont care what media says i love level 5)
dante's inferno
Heavy Rain (really looking forward to this)
gran turismo 5 (the only sim racer i need)
ModNation Racers
The Last Guardian (got a feeling its dropping this yr love team Ico)
Final Fantasy 13 (was getting this version no matter what)
Star Ocean International (glad i waited)
Yakuza 3 (heard good things about this)
Batman AA2
FPS (whichever 1st or 2nd party company drops theirs)
MLB 10 the show

so please tell me why i should drop my ps3 only for a 360. make it good to nothing lame.


wow the ninja disagreer please tell me why.

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