No Treasure To Be Found

DualShockers writes: "Exploration in games can be a fun and rewarding experience…as long as the developers make it out to be. I explore for more than just something to benefit me through finding treasures or other secrets – I enjoy checking out the scenery at times and just generally prancing around the map to take everything in. But, you know, as much as I enjoy exploring just to explore, there is definitely a part of me that is a selfish bastard."

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IG_DARKSA1NT3083d ago

I'm the same way. Side missions, rewards, etc make the game last even longer. And makes the $60 worth it!

iiprotocolii3083d ago

I'm all for that. Whenever I'm playing a game, even in this generation, I find myself checking every single place I can. I sometimes do the old school thing of running at walls while tapping the action button to obtain an invisible item that was placed there (especially in RPGs).

taz80803083d ago

Exploring is what makes games great and finding stuff is just an added bonus

JoelT3083d ago

to not do the side missions in Mass Effect 2! I Dare You!

AzarVC3083d ago

Dude, I do this same exact thing in every game I play. I'm really meticulous about it as's annoying to a certain degree. Haha.

Hitman07693083d ago

I am like that too guys, haha!. Yes it can get a little annoying, it almost turns into a mini-OCD in games like Resident Evil or worse!

JoelT3083d ago

do people go through games and NOT pick up things intentionally?

Hitman07693083d ago

I'm pretty sure I've run into some games with this problem as well.